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10 essential tools for homeowners who DIY

If you’re a homeowner, then you know that there’s never a shortage of projects that need to get done around the house. Maybe you have some simple maintenance tasks to do, a few repairs to make or you’ve just discovered a new woodworking project online. No matter what it is that has inspired your latest project, there’s nothing more important that ensuring that you have the right tools. That’s why went right to the experts at Home Hardware, to get the inside scoop on the 10 essential tools for homeowners who DIY. Here’s what you need to get started!

Belt Sander 

 Belt sanders can help bring your worn wood furniture or deck back to life and can even be used to fix up that interior door that always seems to rub up against the frame or the floor.

 Cordless Combo Kit

This kit will come in handy for any homeowner looking to tackle projects like building a deck, installing tile backer board or even screwing down plywood subfloors.  The impact driver/drill combo enables the user to adjust the amount of torque needed to ensure precise, consistent screw driving.

Ripping Hammer

tools for homeowners

Stanley 20 oz Fatmax Ripping Claw Hammer

 This particular tool can be used for much more than just driving nails.  A rip hammer can come in handy if you’re looking to tear down drywall, chop through sod or even split some smaller wood blocks.

Circular Saw

For homeowners looking to take on some woodworking projects around the home, the circular saw is a great addition to their tool kit. Circular saws can be used for cutting framing lumber to length as well as ripping lumber.  They can quickly and accurately cut long boards and plywood.

 Compound Mitre Saw

tools for homeowners

TradeMaster Heavy Duty Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Laser Marker

This tool can be used in a variety of home improvement projects, from creating custom counter tops, cabinets and baseboards or even picture frames.

Vise Grip Plier Set

 Hailed as the world’s most versatile tool, use this set to turn, cut, tighten, clamp or twist.  The high grade alloy steel is heat treated for maximum toughness and durability.  Guarded release helps keep work safe and fast.  Have to tighten some nuts and bolts, cut wire or remove nails?  These pliers will do the trick.  They can even be used to fix your child’s bicycle or maybe that pesky kitchen stool that needs a tiny bit of adjusting.

Spade Bit Set

tools for homeowners

Benchmark 6 Piece Spade Bit Set

A spade bit set is perfect when you’re looking to drill large holes quickly.  They are often used when drilling though wall studs for electrical wiring, drilling treated plates for foundations or drilling through treated decks to attach a deck ledger board to a wood-frame.

Socket Set

A ratcheting wrench with various sized sockets makes tightening and removing bolts incredibly easy.

Bar Clamps

tools for homeowners

Irwin Quick Grip Bar Clamps

Designed to hold work pieces together while performing temporary operations.  High tech resin construction provides strength and durability.  If you’re planning to tackle a kitchen or bathroom reno and want to create your own cabinets, this bar clamp will help maintain the integrity of your project while you look to glue and join the pieces of wood together, in turn creating a beautiful, seamless door or even tabletop for the dining room.

Angle Grinder

This particular power tool is very effective for cleaning up those rusted old garden tools, you can even put it to use to cut tile, stone or concrete for those landscaping projects or to add some finishing touches to your home décor.

Having the right tools will make caring for your home much easier. Of course, if you’ve having a difficult time with a particular DIY project, or if you simply aren’t comfortable taking a certain project on, be sure to search the listings here on for a handyman or other home improvement professional!

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