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10 Steps for Easy Furnace Maintenance

With the winter season fast approaching, now is the time to consider a furnace tune-up. This important home appliance needs to be fully functional in the cold season. Any dust build-up or debris can cause your furnace to lose efficiency or cause malfunction or, in the worse case, can cause a fire.

City Air Conditioning and Heating suggests the following for safe and easy furnace maintenance:

1. Always turn off the electricity breaker on your service panel.
When working with any electrical appliance, you’ll want to avoid electrical shock or any other potentially dangerous outcomes. Be sure to always work with a licensed professional when working with electrical systems.

2. Turn off the gas line that enters your house.
A black line leading into the furnace will have a valve on it, turn it so that it is lined up with the gas line.

3. Vacuum the furnace interior.
A shop vac and an old paint brush can remove dirt and debris. The base of the heater and the burners are where you should focus on a thorough cleaning.

4. Change the air filter.
This is more important than you may think. If the filter is not clean you will be blowing all of the dirt and debris back into the air ducts.  Replace monthly or choose a permanent filter.

5. Check the fan belt.
Check to make sure the fan belt is in good condition and tight. A good indication of a bad or worn belt is glazing, cracking or fraying.

6. Lubricate oil bearings.
You can do this simply by locating the oil caps, usually found on the bearing shaft. Make sure that you do not oil in excess. This could lead to future problems.

7. Reconnect everything you disassembled.
Before turning the electricity back on make sure you have replaced everything you had removed.

8. Relight the burners if needed.
If you have a push button style igniter, replace the cover before you relight and start it again.

9. Replace the furnace cover.
As an important safety precaution never leave the furnace uncovered.

10. Check your carbon monoxide sensor.
There should be a CO sensor in every home for added safety for your family. Carbon monoxide is a gas that you can’t see, smell or taste, that can cause sudden illness and death.

Editor, Marika Asikainen

If you have any questions or concerns about your heating and conditioning needs call City Air Conditioning and Heating at (416) 531-5585.

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