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Hire a contractor or DIY? How a Toronto contractor can save you money

It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring a contractor can save you a bundle. Sure, paying someone else always sounds expensive, but spoke with Hussain Al-Saffar of SNR Contracting, a home renovation company servicing the GTA, about how a Toronto contractor may be the key to saving your reno budget.

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“For the homeowner to be the contractor, they have to know what goes in order to make everything go smoothly so there’s no time delay,” says Al-Saffar. A Toronto contractor knows how long each task will take and is able to schedule all the trades in advance. “You can’t just say to the plumber, I’ll call you when the electrician is done,” says Al-Saffar. “If you do that, the project will take forever!”

Avoid passing the buck

In any renovation project, there are a number of trades involved. You may have a drywaller, a taper and a painter working on your basement reno project, for example. Sure, you can hire each of those trades yourself, but what happens if you go into the basement after it’s completed and say you aren’t happy with the paint job? The painter can blame the taper, the taper can blame the drywaller and you’re going to have to pay extra money for someone to fix it. “By hiring a contractor, if anyone messes up in the middle, the contractor is responsible to fix it, not you,” explains Al-Saffar.

Design advice

Contractors have worked in many homes and have seen many different design ideas. An experienced contractor will be able to provide you with design tips to make sure the final project matches your vision and can give you advice on where to locate materials that meet your budget and style.

Take advantage of discounts

Contractors get discounts at retail stores and can pass their discount to their customers, meaning you may be able to get your materials at a cheaper cost than if you purchased them yourself.


A contractor will provide you with a guarantee of their work. If something goes wrong with the plumbing, for example, and the plumber who did the project is out of business, the contractor is responsible to find someone else to fix it. “Your warranty is with the contractor,” explains Al-Saffar.

Take a look at this transformation. Would you be willing to do this work yourself? Hire a Toronto contractor instead!

Take a look at this transformation. Would you be willing to do this work yourself?
Hire a Toronto contractor instead!

Are you ready to renovate your home? Speak to the experts at SNR Contracting. Visit their profile on our website to learn more about the company, to read more advice and to contact them about your next home renovation.

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