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2014 round-up: Best in home décor

2014 was a really exciting year for home décor. I always say that trends come and go so sticking to your distinct style and keeping things clean, simple and modern is always in style.

That being said, there were some major trends this year that weren’t overly “trendy,” feeling more like a reflection of good design, instead of a revolving door of changing style.

My favorite trends centred on merging form and function – not only enhancing the look of your home but making it easier to cook, entertain and relax – all fundamental to living well.

This year there was a definite return to glamour: moodier colors, metals and supple fabrics took centre stage, allowing people to play with a rich palette and luxurious materials.

In addition, the influence of nature and focus on materials made for a year of gorgeous looks and pieces that look (and feel) fabulous.

Here are my favorite trends from 2014:

  • Moody blues: An easy way to embrace a darker palette without investing in large pieces is to add drama through fabrics. Fur throws, pillows in shades of navy and chocolate brown, and drapes in heavy fabrics like velvet or damask create a boudoir-like feel.whitebed-textured-wall
  • Metal head: This year was the year of the mix master. Mixing metals like brass and gold add glitz without introducing combatting colors and heavy objects.
  • Getting personal: Much like dressing, this year we saw a push toward mixing and matching. By adding vintage pieces and curiosities (like those pictured), you make your house a home, while also providing conversation pieces for guests.
  • Luxe layers: Layering different materials (metal, wood, glass and fabric) gives you an incredibly rich look and complements any décor scheme.
  • Open shelving: This year we saw a push towards display. By opening up shelving, you are able to showcase your favorite items, much like you would see in a gallery setting. This is particularly chic in a walk-in closet, where you can take items (like a fabulous shoes collection) and make it a show piece.
  • Natural oasis: One of the most calming trends was the focus on organic shapes and materials by bringing natural elements inside. A great place to do this is the bathroom, where you can create a Zen-like retreat by introducing stone and wood.
  • Functionality: From easy close cabinetry and drawers in the kitchen to multiuse furniture like a Murphy Bed in the den, this year was about merging the practical and the beautiful.
  • Walls that wow: Patterns, wall coverings (including paper and upholstery) make for walls that are pieces of art unto themselves. Wallflowers need not apply!
  • Upsizing: Diminutive furniture and appliances gave way to larger items this year. Supported by the rise in food culture and the fresh food movement, refrigerators in particular got noticeably larger.

The best thing about all of these trends is that they are really about making your home a reflection of who you are! Rather than focusing too much on styles that come and go, focus on making your home beautiful, functional and fabulous.

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