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2017 Home Colour Trends

Nothing sets the mood in a home or individual room like colour. Colours in the home can energize, calm and even whet the appetite. Your choice of colour palatte is also an expression of who you are as a household and as an individual.

To learn more about emerging colour trends for 2017, met with PPG Paints, to discuss the roll out of their 2017 colour collections. PPG is the colourful mind behind some of Canada’s most beloved paint brands, including Dulux, CIL, and SICO.

2017 Colour of the Year: The Rein of Purple

While each brand has its own unique persona and typically reaches different types of consumers, there is one thing that has definitely united them in 2017: the colour purple. This isn’t just any purple, but a wonderfully subtle, muted purple midtone.

This colour is highly adaptable and takes on a different look depending upon its surroundings. Next to dark neutrals, it takes on a grayish appearance; whereas close proximity to white gives accentuates its blue tones.

Here is a closer look at the different versions of this regal new colour for 2017


The Dulux 2017 Colour of the Year is called Starry Sky.

colour of the year

Dulux: Starry Sky


This ultra-versatile colour pairs well with natural elements such as wood, glass and greenery,


The Sico 2017 Colour of the Year is called Mozart

colour of the year

Sico: Mozart

This colour works well with with a wide range of colours, such as neutrals and white for a more spring-like or summery look, or onyx and greyed greens for an autumnal or wintery feeling.


The CIL 2017 Colour of the Year is called Antique Violet.

2017 colour of the year

CIL: Antique Violet

From walls to furnishings to accessories, this new purple works particularly well with concentrated down-to-earth colours that promote a sense of tranquility, from brown-bag tones and beachy driftwood neutrals to charcoal and grey-infused blues and greens.


Th PPG 2017 Colour of the Year is called Violet Verbena

2017 colour of the year

PPG: Violet Verbena

Pairing well with timeless grey, brown, green and deep blue, it is a versatile colour that blurs the boundaries of young and old or male and female, and it works well in any room, according to Valerie Jager, associate marketing manager for the PPG Paints brand.

Additional Colour Trends to Watch for in 2017

The use of purple in the home is only the beginning of the colour trends Canadians can expect to see unfold in 2017.

PPG Paints is predicting a strong lean toward cozy, earthy tones to be splashed throughout homes across the country this year. Rich, comforting spicy browns, clay, and cinnamon will begin making their way onto walls and into home décor, along with shades like foliage green, moss green lake blue and ochre.

“The grounded, nature-inspired colours of 2017 visually deliver a sense of protection and help calm the body, mind and soul,” says Jager.

In addition to the use of earthier hues, there seems to be a trend towards colours that are calming, yet different  than in previous years. Wispy pastels are being shrugged off in deference to more pigment-rich shades. Some of the colours may be seen as daring; however, there is a real appetite in the Canadian marketplace for interesting, new options.

Looking for a painter to help add a splash of new colour to your home? Be sure to check out our listings of painting pros in your local area.


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