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Add sparkle with house jewelry

The fascination with adding shiny objects to your home is a trend that has never truly gone out of style. House jewelry is a term used to describe home décor that adds sparkle and shine. From metallic details, to tile and other accessories, adding house jewelry is an easy way to add glam to your evolving style.

Mix Up Metallics

Shiny lamps, pretty mirrors and mismatch knick-knacks are home décor details that can be found in almost every home on the block. Upgrade your existing décor by introducing mixed metals like; silver, gold, rose gold, copper and bronze. These trendy details add interest and dimension and pull the space together. Don’t hesitate to mix warm metals (gold, rose gold, bronze and copper) with cool metals (silver, gun metal and black iron), as long as they blend well with the existing colours in the room. We recommend adding metallics to bedrooms, living rooms and office spaces for the ultimate addition of flair.

Throw On More Pillows


Source: Home Dezine

Throw pillow shams are a great way to add jewelry to your home in a soft and comfortable way. Changing up your pillow shams from season to season adds a pop of originality to your home. When you switch things up, you change the look of a room and keep it from becoming dull. Sequined pillows may seem like you’ve stepped back into the sixties, however they’re the perfect way to add glamour and gleam to a room without going overboard. Consider adding one or two sequined pillows to your couch or bed for the right amount of allure.

Update Your Tile


Source: Pinterest

If you’re interested in a bigger project and something more permanent, think about updating your tile. Whether it’s the tile behind the sink, on the floor or in the shower, modernizing this feature in your home is another form of house jewelry. Research online and find pictures and blogs that inspire you to update your tile and add sparkle to the room. We recommend picking a classic tile that you’ll love forever. Subway tile or fish scale tile are clean and crisp and add shine to any bathroom and/or kitchen.

Fix Your Fixtures

When you move into a new home, you’re bound to find a few rooms that contain old or boring light fixtures that create awful lighting and dullness. Update the fixtures for a more modern look in your home. Search out inspiration by looking online, flipping though magazines and visiting home décor stores for unique lighting fixtures that will make your guests say, “Wow!”



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