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Garage Organization 101

Organizing your garage can seem like a daunting task but this is something that can make your life easier in the long run. Consider devoting a weekend to cleaning out and organizing your garage to get you ready for the spring and summer months. If you do it properly, it will be something that will be beneficial to you years down the road.

Garage Zones

Organization professionals recommend breaking up your garage into 6 zones. These zones will be allocated areas for different items and help you layout your garage in a more practical way – creating maximum storage space.

garage organization
Source: Easy Closets

  1. Transition Centre: Store shoe racks and coat hooks here
  2. Need it Now: Store recyclables, cleaning supplies and garbage bags here
  3. Long and Thin Storage: Store brooms, shovels and rakes here
  4. Largest Items: Store camping gear and holiday décor here
  5. Frequently Used Items: Store sports equipment, rakes and brooms here
  6. Workbench: The perfect place to create your work bench

Now that you’re up to speed on how you should organize the space, you’ll need some tips on materials to use for optimal organization.


Source: Do it Yourself Samples

Pegboards are a great way to create storage, especially for your workbench. Pegboards allow you to move things around as you gather more items and you can use as many hooks as you want to hang everything you desire. Consider hanging tote bags from the pegboard to hold smaller items as well.

Exposed Studs

garage organization
Source: Landeelu

Use the exposed stubs in your garage to create storage space. Use a 2×4, cut it to the desired length and nail it to the studs. This type of storage is ideal for hockey sticks, brooms, rakes and windshield scrapers. You can also hammer nails into the existing studs to hold heavier items like tennis rackets and wagons.

Clear Plastic Bins are Your Friend

garage organization
Source: Classy Clutter

Clear plastic bins are the perfect way to organize. Once you label them and sort everything in them properly, they are a great way to keep things in order. Stack them and place them on shelves for the ultimate organization station. Store the things you use most on the bottom and the things you use least, closer to the top – unless the box becomes too heavy.

Get Creative and Innovative

garage organization
Source: Chezlarsson

There’s so many creative and innovative things you can do in your garage to help manage your clutter. Keeping nails, screws and other small items organized can be done by securing lids of jars underneath cabinets. Next, instead of using a hose rack, you can screw a bucket to a wall and use it as storage while also wrapping the hose around the bucket. Duel purpose items are perfect when organizing your garage.

Cover photo courtesy of Monkey Bar Storage

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