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3 Key Tips To Pest-Proof Your House During Renovations

There’s nothing like finally seeing the work begin to create your dream home… but there is one downside to renovations: the possibility of pests. Of course, pests can wreak havoc at any time, but there is a greater risk when you’re having work done on your home. That’s because workers may disturb termites, ants, or wasps’ nests as they undertake their tasks, and because the chaos of renovations can mean that a minor infestation goes unnoticed, gradually building up to be a much larger problem.

So how can you protect your home? Here are 3 key tips to pest-proof your house during renovations:

1. Stop Vermin Getting In
During renovations, you’ll find that construction workers are in and out of your home all day long. This means that doors may stay open, and it may also mean that windows are kept open to provide some much-needed ventilation. All of this makes it incredibly easy for pests to get in. So, stop them. If you’re not too keen on using chemicals to stop vermin getting into your home, look into alternative approaches. Strong-smelling citrus fruits are known to repel pests like skunks and raccoons, for example, while motion-sensor lights strategically placed near open doors and windows can scare off the rest of them.

2. Don’t Give Pests a Place to Hide
Some pests, particularly the smaller species such as ants, can hide in spaces that are so small that you wouldn’t have thought it possible. During times of renovation, when some older properties especially may be looking a little worse for wear, , cracks in walls and floors are the thing to look out for. Foundation cracks are incredibly common, and regardless of whether it’s something as big as a V-shaped shrinkage crack or something as small as a hairline crack, these cracks could be harboring nasty pests. Before your renovations begin in earnest, it’s well worth sealing up those cracks to minimize pests’ hiding places.

3. Keep Rubbish Contained
One of the tips backed by the City of Toronto is to minimize garbage and debris which can attract rats to houses and apartments, especially those located within the city center and urban environments. As many of us know, renovations can be messy, so having a proper waste management system in place is essential. As a homeowner, it’s also worth making sure that you’re providing adequately trash cans at home, especially in those areas where construction workers may stop for refreshments through the day. The City of Toronto also advises that trash cans should be emptied regularly to avoid attracting vermin.

Fall is one of the most popular times for renovations in Canada; a time when the blistering heat of the summer has gone but the harsh coldness of winter hasn’t yet arrived. If you’ve chosen this beautiful time of year to spruce up your house, remember that pest-proofing your home in the Fall is even more important as this is when vermin start to look for warm, cozy places to settle down for the season.

About the author:
Author Name: Luqman Butter
Description: Luqman has been a pest control technician for over 20 years. He is passionate about solving people’s pest and wildlife control problems through innovative, eco-friendly and humane methods. Luqman currently works for He believes that pest control is a science and feels that his function in his community is very important since he helps people live in peace without causing unnecessary harm to animals.

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