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3 Snow Removal Tips

Toronto and the rest of Southern Ontario often gets hit by major snowstorm. Here are three snow removal tips.

Don’t Get Snowed In

The weather reports are filled with snowstorm warnings, what do you do? Get a warm blanket and a nice fire going and stay home from work? No, you get ready for the storm. You dig out your snow shovels and winter gear and get to work on the first few inches of snow that are covering your driveway and walk. It’s a lot easier to shovel 2 inches of snow than 5. Consider going out every few hours to get rid of the newest layer. Note: Don’t overexert yourself and be sure to listen to the recommendations of your physician before you get to work.

Use the Right Snow Removal Equipment

Use the proper equipment and method (here is a quick guide on proper snow shoveling techniques by Popular Mechanics). If you’ve decided to dig your way out be sure to use a snow shovel that’s the right fit for you. Homeowners that have snow blowers can go out and clear the snow less frequently (you’ll want to check your snow blowers manual for snow removal guidelines).

If you don’t want to dig yourself out, consider the neighborhood kids or calling a snow removal company, be forewarned; the companies will be booked full if you wait until the last minute to hire them to care for your home during the winter!

Don’t Pile Snow around the Foundation

When you are clearing the snow from your driveway and walk be sure keep the piles of snow away from the foundation of your home or anything made of wood. When the snow melts and refreezes it can cause new cracks and also cause old ones to widen in the wood and foundation.

Do you have any helpful snow removal tips or an interesting snow story? Tell us in the comment section below.

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