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3 types of home offices to maximize your productivity

August is here, which means the carefree days of summer are waning(sadly). Time to get back to business! Whether you are (or have) a student heading back to school, a parent gearing up for the hectic return to scheduling, or someone who works from home, there’s no better way to set yourself up for success than by creating the perfect office space to maximize your productivity.

Of course, not everyone has a spare room in their home, and the truth is that your home office can be as big or as small as you need. Whether you have a quiet corner in the kitchen or a fully contained room with a door, there are numerous ways to create the perfect office space that can be shared by the entire family.

The Student’s Study Hall

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All students, from Grade 1 to University can benefit from a quiet, well-equipped space to study. If your home office will be primarily used as a homework space, take steps to equip and decorate it in a way that will inspire your children while allowing them to work more efficiently.

There’s a reason why so many classrooms are set up with different stations, such as arts and crafts, computer stations, reading stations, etc. This method of organization gives students a clear area to focus on when completing a task. This same tactic can be adopted in your home office.

The different stations you create depend entirely upon the ages of the students in your home. Most homes will require a computer station equipped with a printer and plenty of paper. If your children are younger, then you’ll definitely want an arts and crafts area too.  Pre-stock it with different papers (construction, butcher, lined, etc), pencils and crayons, glue and tape, scissors, a stapler and staples, plus fun extras like pipe cleaners, coloured feathers, pom poms, and glitter.

The Family Command Centre

home office

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Simplify the never-ending tasks associated with running your household by creating a fully stocked family command centre. Organize the family finances, maintain archives, and manage schedules in one convenient space.

Essentials for this space include a desk and computer, file cabinet for paper bills and records, calendars, white boards or corkboards, and wall-mounted file/mail organizers. This is also a great place to set up a central charging station for the household’s mobile devices.

Many family command centres live on a wall in the kitchen. This makes them easily accessible and puts things like schedules and meal plans right out in the open where everyone can see them.


The Telecommuter’s Office

home office

Source: Design Trends

An increasing number of Canadians now work from home, either occasionally or on a fulltime basis.  This means that the home office is becoming an increasingly essential space. This isn’t simply to give people a quiet place to take calls and complete projects, but because it’s healthier to have a space that you can go to when work begins and then leave when working time is over.

Outfit your office space with the essential tools of your trade and don’t forget to add a few interesting things to look at. Work-from-home isolation depression is a very real type of malaise that work-from-home employees can fall into, partially due to the lack of camaraderie and sameness of the scenery. For some, this can be combated with a good window to look out of, inspirational artwork, flowers, or meaningful collectables.

Services You Might Need

When creating a home office, you might need the help of some home improvement professionals. Converting a space into a home office could reveal that you need an electrician to add outlets in more convenient spaces or to install overhead task lighting. You might need to speak to a general contractor about sound proofing a small basement office.

If you don’t have space for an office on the main floor? Try speaking to a contractor about carving out some space in the basement.

No matter which type of home improvement pro you might need, you can find them all here in our listing at Read reviews, compare quotes and contact contractors in your local area.


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