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4 Awesome Tips for Creating a Man cave

So you’ve decided that you need a room for yourself, but not just any room – a mancave. You want one. You need one. You deserve one. You’ve got a vision of pool tables, big-screen TVs and La-Z-Boys big enough to swallow a sports fanatic whole. But before you call a home improvement contractor to get to work on this home renovation, check out this guide to mancave madness.

man cave

Your mancave is yours and yours alone – make it perfect!

Individual Seating

If you have the means and the space, opt for individual recliners. Let each man have his own space, his own armrests and his own territory. There is nothing less manly than having to scoot over to let someone sit between you and a buddy on a love seat.


Pay attention to flooring. It’s often overlooked, but what lies beneath your feet can impact the whole room – and that room’s life span. Rubberized, interlocking floor tiles – like the kind you see at the gym – are a great foundation for a mancave because they’re easy to clean, they can be replaced in sections, they’re cheap, they can tolerate spills and they can bear the weight of both your air hockey and foosball tables.

Custom Mats

As discussed in “Custom Mats: They’re Not Just for the Floor,” custom mats are an inexpensive, often-overlooked addition that is both practical and awesome. Customize it, add a sports logo, make it your own – and keep the floor of your mancave looking not like the floor of an actual cave.

Don’t Aim Too High!

There is nothing less manly than a half-finished man cave. Whether it’s because your home improvement contractor flaked out or you went over budget, follow the same logic with a mancave that you would with any home renovation. Do the job in manageable chunks and finish one job before the next begins so the entire room isn’t demolished at once.

Oh – and get a good lock for the door. You’re going to need it.

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