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4 closet updates you can make right now

Sometimes it’s not enough for a closet to be spacious, many of us want it to be well-organized and attractive as well. The problem is, when it comes to prioritizing home improvement projects,  the closet tends to be last on the list.  The solution to this problem is to take on closet updates that are quick and easy.

Here are some jaw-dropping closets that are sure to inspire, along with some tip on how to give your own space a stylish makeover.

Make Reaching into a Reach-in Closet Easier

closet updates

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Step one in adding more function to your reach-in closet is to ditch the sliding doors. It will update the look of your bedroom, and also provides a better look at what’s inside. Choosing an outfit is much easier if you can see everything inside all at once.  Pinched for floor space, but still want an uninhibited view into your closet, try taking the doors off entirely.


Get Organized

closet updates

Image Source: Elle Decoration

Whether you closet happens to be a walk-in or a reach-in, if there’s one absolute must-have for your make-over, it’s an organization system. Adding an organizer with shelves, drawers and bars will not only make everything easier to find, it will give the space greater appeal.

Another benefit of closet organizers comes from the amount of extra space they provide. By giving different types of items a more optimized storage space, you’ll be able to fit more into even the smallest reach-in.


closet updates

Image Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Can an afternoon of brutal closet culling be considered a makeover? Absolutely! In fact, it’s probably the best way to breathe new life into your closet. Nothing makes your closet look worse than rows and shelves of unused, unwanted clothing.

Go into this decluttering with three categories in mind: keep it, donate it, or trash it. If it’s worn out or stained, put it out of its misery and trash it. If it no longer fits, do not hold it hostage in your closet. Yes, you may very well fit into it again. But, wouldn’t you rather celebrate with new clothes than to slip back into something may be outdated by then? Gives those items a new lease on life by donating them to a shelter or other charitable organization.

Lighten Up

closet updates

Image Source: The Ivory Lane

Where is the unwritten rule that your walk-in closet must contain the most basic, unappealing lighting fixture imaginable? Outdated flush mounts are almost as common as clothing in most people’s closets.

If you want a quick and easy way to wake up your wardrobe, try installing some great new lighting. Just be conscious of the fact that there are some guidelines to follow when it comes to installing lighting in your closet. One particular guideline comes from Rule 30-204 in the Canadian electrical code book, which states:

(2)Lampholders and luminaires or the pendant or suspended type, and lampholders and luminaires of the bare lamp type shall not be installed in clothes closets. (Electrical Industry Canada).

Reach-ins, walk-in, and super-sized walk-ins may have different rules, so be sure to speak to an electrical expert prior to installing your new light.

Your closet might be a small hidden away space in your home, but it’s also one of the most personal spaces. That’s what makes taking on a closet renovation so special. It’s something just for you. So, ensure that your makeover makes you feel good.

Lead Image Source: Komandor Closets

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