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4 Home Security Systems

Today’s crime rates pose a threat for homeowners and businesses. However, security systems have advanced beyond just simple alarm and sound deterrents. In many cases, video surveillance teams, security monitoring and two-way voice communication have become the norm for home security devices. In addition, with new cloud and remote control technology, it’s easier than ever to protect your home no matter where you are. These are just a few of the security systems to help families protect themselves from home break-ins.

Home Security Systems with Integrated Motion Sensors

Home security depends on a good sense of motion censoring. With a combination of door and window contact censors, glass break detectors and motion sensors, homes are better protected against break-ins. Motion sensors set off warnings that can create an alarm deterrent or send off automatic alerts to law enforcement. Without these basic detectors, homes are almost defenseless because thieves can easily break in undetected.

Home Monitoring Security Systems

Professional security systems are integrated with 24/7 home monitoring. These are teams of emergency response personnel that monitor activities around your home and can alert police when suspicious activity is detected. Some companies, like Vivint, have incredibly sophisticated home security monitoring systems. Vivint can be found in America and Canada, and due to their smart technology and rapid response time they are very well known in the security industry.

Wireless Security Devices

Alarm systems used to be controlled only by a keypad in the home, but nowadays, homeowners can also use their wireless devices like smartphones, tablets and remote computers to access alarm systems, allowing them to activate alarm systems from the office or while on vacation. Many sophisticated alarm systems also have mobile applications that allow you to watch a live video stream of your home and also look at the past video feed. This is beneficial for parents or business owners who need to check in while away.

Light and Sound Deterrents

The most basic of home security systems combine a number of exterior lights and sounds to deter criminals from trying to break into the home. Most criminals will see this as a sign that the home may be monitored or in connection with law enforcement, thus making it less likely they will continue with a break in. Along with motion sensors, light and sound detectors can be an early prevention measure for burglars. However, without an actual security monitoring team or police alert system, the deterrents may only work for a short window. It is best that you get a home automation system like the ones that Vivint security or other companies offer.

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