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4 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Closet

Just about everyone at one time or another has opened their closet door and rolled their eyes with utter disgust. While your closet is truly just for storage, there still needs to be some sort of organization involved. While some parts of a home or apartment can be avoided for some time when it comes to clutter, your closet is rather hard to avoid, given that it stores daily essentials—so closet organization truly is a must. If you find that organizing on your own is too much of a challenge then consider bringing in an organizational expert, such as Clutter B Gone.

In the event that you find your lack of closet organization terrorizing you on a regular basis and want to keep your organizing along a more DIY bent, then there are tools you can use to ease the pain each and every time you open the door.

1. Hanging or over-the-door shoe and sweater bags provide great storage and organization

These are great for getting stuff out of the way. To find your shoes all in one place, situate a hanging shoe hanger on the closet door or one of your bedroom walls. You can have all your shoes easily accessible in one spot, and not taking up valuable space on the closet floor. The same holds true for sweater bags, which can hold those bulky sweaters in place, removing them from your closet shelves.

2. Organizing with adjustable garment racks

These items are great for storing clothes, and they can be mobile, too. With these racks, you can move clothing in and out of your closet with ease, placing the clothes where they will be least in the way. The same can be done with shoes by putting them on a similar rack and wheeling them in and out when needed.

3. Create storage with boxes

Boxes not only do not require a lot of space, but they make it easy to organize your shoes. You can also place lighter items on top of boxes in your closet organization project so that you can use up as much space as possible.

4. Square wire baskets for closet organization

These make a great storage area for a variety of items, including shirts, socks, shoes, etc. The baskets can be bolted to the wall or to the inside of the closet door, or they can be placed on shelves inside the closet.

On that rainy day or lazy Saturday when you’re ready to attack your closet organization project, empty it out entirely; get a hammer and nails; and hang a rack, basket, corkboard, metal rods, drawers, and whatever else you need to utilize every square inch of that tiny (or not-so-tiny) closet.

A messy closet does not have to get the better of you; take control of your home and put that closet in its place. And if you’re too overwhelmed to take on your closet organization solo, consider bringing in a Storage Specialist from EiEi Home to help you get organized!

With 23 years of experience as a writer, Dave Thomas covers a wide array of topics ranging from home improvement projects to finding the best Hawaii hotels for your next family vacation.

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