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4 Pro Tips for Holiday Home Safety

Tis the season to be jolly, but also the season to take extra precautions when it comes to your safety at home. Unfortunately, things like electrical fires, break-ins, and power failures are more common during this time of year.

To help ensure that you have a merry and safe holiday season, spoke with the experts at Hotwire Electric in the Greater Toronto Area to get some pro tips on home safety during the holidays. Here’s what they had to say:

Holiday Lighting Safety

Holiday lighting safety has been a high priority for generations, particularly as it pertains to string lights on a Christmas tree. With today’s much cooler, safer LED string lights the concerns may not be what they once were in the days of real trees and hot incandescent bulbs, but the need for certain precautions remains.

“Make sure that all the bulbs [on your string lights] are secure and that none of the bulbs are broken,” Hotwire Electric recommends. “You should also check all the lighting cables and the connections, specifically if the cord has been mangled before.”

In addition to checking your bulbs, it is also wise to ensure that the light strings are straight and that there are no cuts in the jacket of the wiring throughout the entire string.

Use Exterior Lighting

Unfortunately, the likelihood of home invasions increases during the month of December, due in part to the presence of gifts in the home, along with the fact that more families head out of town at this time of year.

One simple way to make your home seem less desirable to thieves is by using outdoor lighting as a deterrent.

“It’s becoming a standard to have motion-activated dusk to dawn lights on the exterior of the home […] They can light up the pathway for you, but also let you know if somebody is walking where they shouldn’t be.

Put Electrical Devices on a Timer

Another way to make your home seem less desirable to potential thieves is by putting the devices in your home on a timer.

“You can put a timer on your lights [as well a radio] that will activate them while you are away from home. This gives the appearance that somebody is at home, even when you’re away.”

Install Security Cameras

Entry door security cameras provide another means of making your home less of a target for criminals, while also adding a layer of security when packages are delivered to your home. Additionally, with the increasing presence of smart doorbells and smart-connected cameras, keeping an eye on your home is as easy as looking at your mobile device.

Invest in a Backup Generator

This is always the worst time of year for power outages. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common, due to the prevalence of ice storms, heavy snowfall and high winds.

“It’s always good to pre-plan by getting a generator set up,” Hotwire’s experts explain. “It takes a few weeks to get a generator and [plan its installation in your home], so if you’re ready to have one installed, now is the time to speak to an electrician that is authorized to provide generator installations, like Hotwire Electric.”

In addition to working with an electrician who is authorized to install your generator, it’s also a good idea to work with one who will be able to maintain it for you.

“A generator that isn’t maintained is just like a car without an oil change,” Hotwire explains.

Ready to learn more about having a generator installed in your home, or to schedule an appointment with Hotwire Electric? Visit them here on or call 416-553-5533

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