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4 Steps Towards a Healthier Home

The availability of healthy food is a very important part of a healthy home, but there are several other things that you can be doing if you want your home to be as safe and healthy as it can be.

In today’s article I will introduce you to 4 ways you can make your home a healthier place that have nothing to do with changing what you eat.

1) Limit Screen Time: Whether it’s television shows, YouTube or video games, kids of this generation are spending way too much sedentary time in front of screens. While it might be easier said

than done, you should try to limit your children to 1-2 hours of screen time a night. Re-arranging the rooms in your home so that the TV is less of a focal point will also help.

2) Make Housework Fun: Use your creativity to turn seemingly boring chores into fun filled activities for the whole family. Turning common chores into a game or even a friendly competition is a great way to encourage physical activity in the home when going out may not be possible due to time or weather constraints. Doing so will also help minimize your children’s potential television and screen time.

3) Choose Glass over Plastic in the Kitchen: It is a wise choice to opt for glass over plastic for storing food, especially food that will need to be reheated. Whether it is leftovers for dinner or your lunch for the next day, try to choose ceramic or glass containers rather than plastic. Although plastic containers have grown in popularity and are widely available and affordable, heating plastic can cause them to breakdown and leach into your food which is situation you

4) Choose Cleaning products wisely: Choosing “green” cleaning products that do not contain chlorine, ammonia and phosphates is as good choice for both your family and the environment. These harsh compounds are not necessary for effective household cleaning and come with unnecessary health and environmental risks.

This is just a sampling of the steps you can take around your home to make it a healthier place for you and your family. A truly healthy home is about more than just healthy food but also encouraging movement and activity while also avoiding unnecessary health risks by minimizing the inappropriate use of potentially harmful everyday items.

In the weeks to come I will explore other subtle changes you can make around your home to make it the healthiest place possible, but incorporating the four points discussed today is a great start.


About the Author: Andy is a private practice dietitian based in Toronto, he also holds a master’s degree in public health nutrition. You can learn more about Andy, his services and his blog at ->

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