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4 tips for keeping your home warm and cozy

The coldest months are upon us here in the GTA and keeping your home warm and cozy is probably at the top of your mind. The secret to attaining this ideal status for your home lies in how diligently you have been maintaining your HVAC systems. That’s why spoke with Chris Martin, an HVAC specialist from GTA industry leader Martino HVAC, to gather a few critical tips on keeping your home warm and comfortable this winter.

Change your filters:  “Replacing your furnace filters every 2-3 months is one of the most important things you can do to help keep it operating smoothly.” Martin explains. Filters protect your furnace from dust and debris and the last thing you need in the middle of February is a furnace breakdown because you neglected to replace them.

 Replace your batteries:  “In the event that a power out happens this winter, having working batteries in your thermostat will ensure your heat control systems stays functional.” Martin explains. It is generally recommended to swap your thermostat batteries once a year. Most common thermostats will require AA, AAA or 3V batteries.

 Maintain the humidity: “Try to keep the humidity in your home at 35-45%, which helps retain heat and is a comfortable range for your skin and throat. It also helps keep wood floors and furniture from drying out, shrinking and cracking” Martin explains. You can measure the humidity in your home using a tool known as a hygrometer, which can be purchased at your local home supply store.

 Clear the snow:  “After heavy snow falls make sure the snow is promptly removed from the venting at the side of the house on high efficiency furnaces.” Martin explains.  Snow and ice excess on your furnace’s vents can impair its functioning and lead to unwanted malfunctions on a cold winter day.

Follow these expert tips to avoid unnecessary aggravation and to help keep your home warm, cozy and welcoming this winter season.  The coldest days are right around the corner, so now is the time to act on any HVAC concerns you may have left unaddressed.

If you have a problem you cannot solve on your own, trust in a local industry leader. Martino HVAC is a name you can rely on, boasting over 25 years of experience serving the GTA. Want to learn more? You can reach out to Martino HVAC via their listing here on



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