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5 Easy Laundry Room Upgrades

Amazing laundry rooms are kind of a big deal these days. You’ve probably seen them. They’re spacious, immaculate and impeccably designed. So, in most cases, absolutely nothing like the real-life version in most people’s homes. However, what if we were to tell you that it really is possible to upgrade your laundry space and turn it into something special?

Whether your laundry room is a tiny closet installation, a main floor space, or tucked away downstairs in your basement, there are six easy upgrades that can be made.

1. Upgrade your door

Trade your plain old laundry room door for something more interesting, like a sliding barn door, a glass door with etched or vinyl lettering, or even a charming shabby chic screen door.

2. Add a counter

If you have a front loading laundry pair and enough room for them to sit side-by-side, or if you happen to be lucky enough to have a roomy laundry space, then you are in the perfect position to add a laundry countertop. This additional will not only improve the look of your laundry space, but it will also add functionality to your laundry room. You’ll have an easy folding spot that isn’t your couch or bed and maybe even a spot for some decorative touches.

3. Improve your storage

If you’re like us some people we know, you might have a hard time keeping your open shelves as organized as you would like. So, of course the best fix for that is to trade them in for some cabinets. You can go for custom built cabinetry or install them yourself. In a space as small as most laundry rooms, he addition isn’t likely to cost much at all. Or, if you’re determined to maintain a neat open shelving system, you can try adding some baskets or other containers to try and corral the clutter.

4. Change your lighting fixtures

There isn’t much that a good lighting fixture can’t fix. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but a truly fabulous lighting fixture really can do wonders for a room. So get that plain Jane flush mount light out of there and trade it for something special. Maybe something farmhouse vintage-inspired, or a fixture with a hint of glitz? Who knows, it might make you feel better about all the time you have to spend doing laundry. What? It could happen.

5. Add decorative touches

Of course, this is where you can really get creative. There are so many different ways to add personality to your laundry space. You can add fun artwork or DIY printables, fill glass jars with things like clothespins or dryer sheets. Love vintage? Search local flea markets and antique stores for vintage washboards or basins and add them to your room décor. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make an impact.

However, we will say that there is one area of laundry room décor that we’re not really keen on, and that’s decanting detergents into glass jars or drink dispensers. While, the result is always very cute, it makes the detergent look like something tasty. We’ve heard about far too many incidences of little ones being harmed after ingesting laundry pods.

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