5 Mom Cave Essentials

Isn’t it time moms had a space of their own? Enter the Mom Cave: a place for moms to unwind, relax and recharge their batteries. In days past, just the thought of a little “me time” seemed selfish. Now, more and more moms are realizing the benefits of having a quiet little sanctuary they can call their own. Here are the 5 essentials every mom needs for building the best mom cave.


Lay claim to a space in your home. A good size closet or an unused corner of the house is a good place to start. If it has a door, mores the better. If not, close it off using room dividers or double sided bookshelves. Next, figure out what it is you want to do in it. Do you meditate craft or sew? Or do you just want a place to surf the net, read a book or watch TV in peace? Identify your space, then begin to make it yours.


2. Colour

Choose colours, either wall paint or accessories that invoke a feeling of calmness. Studies show shades of blue or green are both calming and relaxing. Stick to one colour palate to maintain a more even flow and feel to the space, but also don’t be afraid to let your colours show. Showcase some of your personality in your colour choices.

3. Décor

Decorate your space with things that bring you a sense of peace or calmness. Mom caves are a great place to showcase some of your children’s prized art pieces and other knickknacks that make you smile. If you like crafting, decorate with crafts you’ve made and even craft supplies you will use in the future. Make the mom cave inviting enough that your friends will want to join you, whether it’s for a craft night, game night, or just a fun get together.


4. Technology

A computer and television are great ways to unwind. Blogging, surfing the Internet or exchanging emails with friends are all great ways to unwind at the end of the day. Consider installing DTV (digital television) and set it to record all those shows you love to watch. And how about having your own personal telephone with long distance plans that let you catch up with family and old friends?


5. Organize

Whatever your space is designed for, organization is key to keeping your space a calm, relaxing haven. Use buckets and storage bins to organize all your supplies and make sure to straighten your cave before you leave it each time. That way it’s clean and ready for your next visit. Use storage as decoration as well. Create fun, minimalist bookshelves to store your things as well. Get creative, and make the mom cave you’ve always been dreaming of!

Images courtesy of IKEA Canada.

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