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5 Must-Haves in a Masculine Bathroom Redesign

There is a lot in interior design that leans toward the feminine, particularly when it comes to certain rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. However, today, in honour of Men’s Grooming Day (yes, it really is a day), we’ve decided to take a look at some must-have additions to a masculine bathroom redesign.

Straight-Forward Storage

When selecting a vanity, opt for a piece that offers straight-forward storage options. Keep his morning grooming routine quick and precise by choosing a vanity that features drawers in different sizes. This will allow him to keep smaller items like combs, nail clippers and tubes of beard balm separated from the snarl of tangled hair dryer, flat iron and electric razor cords.

Kohler Canada’s Marabou 48” bathroom vanity cabinet with 2 doors and 4 drawers, split top drawers is a fantastic option for maintaining a place for everything and everything in its place. With the multiple storage options, the Maribou vanity allows men to personalize how they keep their grooming essentials organized.


Interesting Textures

masculine bathroom

Source: Decoist

Working with texture is a great way to add interest to a masculine bathroom. Try adding something unexpected like the strength and unencumbered character of a concrete sink, or the rugged warmth of a live edge countertop. As far as décor goes, try working a fine-weave rattan laundry basket into your design, along with sumptuous towels, and perhaps even an elevated bamboo bathmat.

Effective Task Lighting

With trends in men’s grooming placing more attention on facial hair maintenance and skin care, ensuring that his bathroom is equipped with proper task lighting is more important than ever before. In addition to the standard wall-mounted fixture, adding an illuminated mirror will provide a lighting option that shines in just the right places.

We like Kohler Canada’s Verdera lighted medicine cabinet. With the bright LED light, built-in electrical outlets and a pull-out magnifying mirror, the Verdera lighted medicine cabinet is the ultimate grooming essential for the sophisticated modern man.

Entertainment Tech

masculine bathroom

Source: Séura

Keep him connected to his favourite music, TV shows, or podcasts by integrating some form of entertainment technology into the bathroom redesign. This could be anything from a waterproof TV, to an integration shower speaker system, or even an easy-to-install showerhead speaker.

No, this addition won’t have an impact on his health or grooming, but it will certainly make him happy.

Steam Power

Steam has always played a major role in men’s health care. Steam baths are known to relax, rejuvenate and keep the skin healthier, while generations of barbers have used steaming towels to help facilitate a cleaner shave in their patrons.

Adding a steam shower to your bathroom remodel, will not only infuse an aspect of luxury into the design, but also offers many health benefits as well.

The Invigoration Series steam generator control kit from Kohler features a digital control panel and adjustable temperature settings. The Fast-Response technology produces a luxurious steam shower in just 60 seconds so every man can look and feel great in minutes.

Looking for help with a bathroom renovation project? Be sure to browse the listings on to find general contractors, plumbers, designers, and other professionals in your local area.

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