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5 DIY-able home repairs

Of course we know that DIY home repairs are not for everyone. With jam packed schedules and time at a premium, most home repairs are really better left to the pros. However, there really are a few tasks that every homeowner should know how to do on their own.

Fix damaged drywall

Now, calm down, patching a bit of drywall, actually isn’t that big of a deal.  Whether you’re dealing with small gouges, door knob dents or a larger amount of damage, you can easily find patch kits, sheetrock, joint compound or any other products you might need at your local home improvement store.

For minor damage, the fix can be as easy as scraping in some spackle and sanding it smooth. Anything larger than that will require a patch.

See this how-to video to get started

Change a basic light fixture

Electrical tasks are among the most intimidating of all home repairs, and for good reason.  When it comes to most electrical fixes, you definitely want to connect with a qualified electrician. However, something basic, like installing your new pendant lights or changing a light switch is doable for most handy homeowners.

If you plan to take on this project, the first thing you should definitely do is to head to your nearest home improvement store and purchase a non-contact voltage tester. Yes, you are going to cut power to the area where your installation will take place; however, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

See this how-to video to get started

Replace a toilet actuator chain

If the little chain that lifts the flapper valve inside your toilet tank has snapped or rusted to pieces, there is absolutely no need to call a professional. Simply go to your nearest home improvement store and buy a new chain. Older toilet chains are made of metal; however, some newer toilets have a rubber actuator chain. So, lift the lid and see what’s inside before heading to the store.

Once you’re in and you have your new chain, making the switch is really just a matter of fasting one end to the flapper and the other to the handle.

See this how-to video to get started

Re-caulk a bathtub

Re-caulking a tub is absolutely a DIY task. The majority of your time at this task will be spent removing the old caulk and then cleaning the area.

Purchasing a good solid caulk remover tool is going to go a long way toward reducing the time and energy you’ll have to spend removing your old caulk. So will pre-softening your caulk buy running a blow dryer over the area on high heat for a few sections. There are also chemical caulk removers and even WD-40 to make the job easier, if you prefer.

When it’s time to apply new silicone caulking, start off by laying some guides along the tub and the tile.  This will ensure straighter, professional-looking lines.

See this how-to to get started

Replace Cupboard Hinges

Do you have a cupboard that keep slumping to one side or has fallen off entirely? If so, then it’s time to get out your screwdriver (one of a homeowner’s most essential tools) and fix it.

If you’re replacing the hinges on multiple cupboards, step 1 is to place a note on each door denoting exactly where it goes. Then, remove the broken hinge from one door and take it in to your local home improvement store. This way you can find the exact same hinge for your doors.

Screw the new hinge to the door side first, and then have a helper hold the door up to the cupboard while you screw it to the interior of the cupboard frame.

No video here, because really, it’s just that easy!

If you still don’t feel comfortable doing some of these home repairs yourself, you can contact a handyman service to take care of the tasks for you. Be sure to browse the listings here on to find the handyman nearest you.

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