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5 Steps to Maintain a Clean Running Pool

It’s going to be a terrific season for poolside entertaining! Now is the time to get your backyard pool ready for everyone to enjoy with summertime swims and cool evening dips.

EiEiHome spoke to co-owners of Island Wave Pools. They were happy to provide us with the excellent advice they share with all of their customers on pool cleaning.

Cousins, Larry Lalgie and Ron Belfon are very knowledgeable about pools, water chemistry and how to care for your pool for maximum enjoyment and usage. The most common question by pool owners, explained Ron, is “How do I keep my pool clean?”

Island Wave Pools loves to keep things simple:

Pool Maintenance Checklist

Here are 5 easy-to-follow steps they recommend pool owners do on a weekly basis:

1. Do a visual check

Pool cleaning is necessary. Vacuum the bottom and scrub the waterline and stairs. Then use a skimmer to remove anything floating on the surface.

2. Empty the skimmer basket

Clean the basket of any debris and keep it free from anything that could obstruct water flow in the filter. Keep it nice and clean.

3. Backwash your filter (if you have a sand filter)

This removes all of the filth from the sand that was collected when vacuuming; oils and other organic and synthetic buildup will also be removed.

4. Add your maintenance chemicals

Drop your sanitizing pucks or sticks into the skimmer basket or in-line canister. For oxidizing, add in your chlorine shock (for salt pools as well) or non-chlorine shock for bromine pools.

5. Use your pool

Using your pool consistently decreases your chance of algae forming. When you swim in your pool, the water is vigorously circulated; this loosens up any algae attached to the walls and removes organic film and debris so that the water gets filtered properly.

In addition to providing complete pool care and maintenance services, Island Wave Pools is revitalizing the industry with some fun and Caribbean flavour.

Island Wave Pools, is an EiEiHome Select Service Pro. In business for the past 15 years, this GTA based business delivers complete services in pool maintenance and pool care. You can find them, along with lots of pictures and advice from all our service pros, right here!

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