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5 Storage Ideas to Avoid

It might be safe to say that when most people talk “storage” they’re thinking garbage bags full of stuff in the attic or basement. It should only be so easy! Store things incorrectly, and you might as well be taking them to the dump. Here are five really terrible storage ideas. Yes, don’t do any of these.

1. Piling

Though it may seem like the easiest way to store items, piling them up on the floor is one of the worst solutions — especially in your basement. Stacking bins, boxes and bags directly on the floor blocks airflow that keeps the room dry. It also makes your storage containers directly susceptible to bugs, dust, dirt and mice — not to mention the disaster you’ll encounter if your basement or garage springs a leak.

2. Cardboard

Any which way you look at it, cardboard is a terrible long-term storage solution. While super cheap and easy to get a hold of, cardboard offers little or no protection for your items. It is, after all, glorified paper, and as such is attractive to bugs and mice who are apt chew or burrow their way through the bottom. Cardboard is also not waterproof. Good luck trying to salvage your stuff from ruin if your storage room springs a leak or gets flooded.

3. Garbage Bags

Just because garbage bags are water proof doesn’t mean you should use them as a storage solution. Even heavy duty garbage bags can be chewed through, so you’re not protected against critters getting into your stuff. Not only that, garbage bags trap in moisture and humidity, which can be terrible for items that are temperature sensitive. They also offer absolutely no form of organization, so searching for an item within the bag can prove unnecessarily time consuming.

4. Storage Nets

If you’re looking for a way to store toys or stuffed animals, skip the storage net. Yes, it keeps items off of the floor, but it also traps dust and bugs.
Storage nets also aren’t that easy to access. You have to get up on a chair or ladder to open them and they offer no form of organization.

5. Metal or Plastic Shelving Units

Simply having metal or plastic free-standing shelving units in your basement, attic or garage is not a storage solution. These units may keep items off of the ground, but they’re susceptible to getting overstuffed, disorganized and offer no protection from dust, dirt or bugs.
This doesn’t mean you need to discount shelving all together. When combined with other storage or organizational solutions that protect your items from the elements, they’re a totally viable option.

IKEA Storage solution
Storage solutions from IKEA

Investing thought and time into how you’re going to store items long-term, rather than using the quickest, cheapest solution, is going to pay off in the long run. Not only will you be able to find items with ease, but you’ll avoid the heartbreak of dealing with damaged goods.

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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