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5 things that are ruining your home’s curb appeal

We talk a lot about curb appeal here on The reason is because maintaining your home’s exterior is among the most important aspects of ownership. Unless you happen to live on a sprawling rural lot, your home’s exterior has a direct impact on the homes around you and the collective neighbourhood. In essence, good curb appeal contributes to good neighbourhood appeal.

While not every homeowner maintains their home to the same degree, with some being meticulous and others taking a more laidback approach, there are still some basic areas that should be looked after. Here are 5 things that can really detract from the look of your home and neighbourhood:

Chipped or Peeling paint

Whether on your shutters, garage door, trim, or any other highly visible area, when paint begins to show its age, it can have a major impact on the look of your home. Regardless of how well-maintained the rest of your home may be, worn, peeling or chipping paint will always be a distraction.

If your home features decorative, wooden trim along the roofline or some other lofty area, and you cannot safely reach it on your own, you’ll definitely need to call a professional exterior home painter to take care of any wear and tear.

Find a professional painter to help you out.

Damaged Driveway

Both poured and interlock driveways require maintenance over the years to help them retain their good looks. If a few thin cracks in your poured driveway have turned into craters, or if you’ve notices ruts or some sinking on either side, it’s a good idea to contact a driveway repair specialist to have it taken care of. If you have an interlock driveway, be sure to replace any dislodged or damaged bricks.

It’s also important to remove any weeds that may be growing through cracks in a poured driveway, or in between the bricks in an interlock driveway. Allowing them to grow can make your property look abandoned.

Contact a paving contractor for help.

Neglected Lawn

There are differing opinions on how tall one should allow their property’s grass to grow. However, when it becomes tall enough to provide camouflage for neighbouhood cats and wild bunnies, then you know it’s far past time to get mowing. Unfrequently mowed lawns are probably among the most common sources of neighbourhood grumbling.

Locate a lawn care professional in your area.

Saggy Garage Door

As wooden garage doors age, a common malady is sagginess. This is often accompanied by peeling paint, and occasionally a failure to close all the way. This definitely means that it’s time for a replacement.

Get a new garage door, now!


Nothing has the power to detract from your home’s appearance like clutter. This is just as true on the outside as it is inside. Exterior home clutter can take many forms, from cars that haven’t moved in months to lingering unseasonal décor, and even porches that are used as storage spaces. Do you best to keep the exterior clean and clear.

Store your stuff offsite.


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