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5 things that take a bathroom renovation to the next level

When you have a bathroom renovation or redesign planned, there’s nothing better than pouring over image after image of gorgeous bathrooms, whether in magazines or online. We believe it’s because the size of the space serves to concentrate the beauty; packing several gorgeous elements into a relatively small space. In fact, if you want to see a completely transformed room, the bathroom is where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Of course that gorgeous bathroom doesn’t have to be something you only dream about. Taking your bathroom redesign from so-so to spectacular can be accomplished at any budget. The key is to incorporate some specific items and principals into the design.

Here are 5 key components that can take your bathroom redesign to the next level:


Can you image a luxurious master bath without gorgeous tile on the floors and shower area? Neither can we. That’s why we believe that this is one of the best places to spend a bit more on your bathroom renovation. The tile is often the main aspect of your bathroom’s first impression. It anchors the space and serves as a backdrop for all other elements.

Here’s more about how tile can impact your bathroom redesign:


We realize the topic of bathtubs can be polarizing.  However, whether you’re a bath-taker or not, you simply can’t deny the fact that nothing sets the tone in bathroom like a shapely statement tub. Whether sunken, standalone, or traditionally integrated, a gorgeous tub is to a bathroom what a well-turned sofa is to a living room.

The tub’s placement is also an important consideration. If your space allows, feature the tub. Hang a gorgeous light fixture over it, and turn it into a destination all on its own.


In terms of function, ensure that your bathroom lighting scheme includes a complementary mix of well-placed task and ambient. There are two important areas requiring task lighting in your bathroom: over the vanity/sink and in the shower. Try to place vanity lighting at the sides of the mirror, to avoid casting shadows down over your face.

Your ambient lighting should “fill in the spaces” not illuminated by your task lights. If you’re a fan of long, hot baths, consider putting your lights on a dimmer switch. This will allow you to set just the right mood for your evening indulgence.


Storage is not generally thought of as glamourous. However, when you have sufficient storage to house all of the clutter that typically covers the countertops and tub tops, it allows the true beauty of your bathroom to shine unencumbered.

You can strategically place a few select items on the countertops, but keep the bulk of your toiletries tucked away. You’ll find that decluttering and improving your bathroom storage is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve the look and feel of your bathroom.


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Source: Home Bunch

Source: Home Bunch

Choosing the right paint for your bathroom is not just a matter of colour, but also type. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your bathroom redesign, opt for a paint that’s specific to bathrooms. This type of paint is durable, prevents water staining and is formulated to keep water out. This means that it’s more resistant to mildew than standard paint formulations.


Need some help creating your dream bathroom? Whether you’re looking for more inspiration or the services of a local bathroom renovation expert, you can find the help you need at

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