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Lawn care during a hot, dry summer

In a hot and dry summer like the one we are experiencing lawn care is a big topic for many homeowners. The unseasonably dry conditions has impacted the appearance and health of many lawns, reducing them to dry, brittle eyesores, rather than the lush swatches we are all used to seeing.  

We know you take pride in having a healthy green lawn, and wants to help you keep it that way with our 5 summer lawn maintenance tips:

  1. Let it grow: Keeping your grass blades between 6-8 cm in height allows for a stronger interaction between the lawn and the soil. This results in a greater retention of moisture and nutrients and will contribute to overall growth and thickness. As a general rule, do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blades total length in a single mowing session.
  1. Leave clippings behind: Grass clippings are rich in nutrients and water which can be absorbed by your lawn. In order to ensure the clippings are distributed evenly, mow your lawn when it is dry rather than mowing it after watering.
  1. Do not panic: If your lawn has taken a turn for the worst, take a deep breath. When faced with an extended period of heat without rain, your lawn may go “dormant” and turn brown. The good news is that your lawn can survive in this state for several weeks and will become green once again within a week of the return of rain. You should not walk on, mow or fertilize dormant lawns.
  1. Be wary of the signs: Although your lawn can survive dormancy, you will want to prevent it all together in order to ensure an aesthetic lawn all season long. Early warning signs of dormancy may include slight changes in colour and grass folding inwards.
  1. Wake it up with water: When Mother Nature is not providing your lawn the water it requires, you will need to do it yourself. It isn’t just about watering your lawn though; you need to water it right. Lawns should be watered deeply once a week in the absence of rain, with about 2.5 cm of water. Watering should be done in the morning and over-watering and evening watering should be avoided.

Despite the warm and dry conditions, following through on these tips will help ensure even the most stubborn lawns will flourish this summer.

It is also advisable for you to hold off on fertilizers until the weather becomes cooler and wetter and to also be generally observant of your lawn for signs of pests and other issues. If you encounter problems that you do not know how to address, the contractor database at can put you in touch with reputable professionals who will help you get the job done right.

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