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5 Tips to Decorating with Pinterest

You’ve got boards and boards of images pinned: crafty items for your shelves, fabric patterns for re-upholstering the chair, frames to decoupage. But how can you make your Pinterest dreams become a decorating reality? Avoid bad decor ideas and crafting creep by following these five simple tips to Pinterest success.

1. Cull the Pinterest Boards

The great thing about Pinterest is that it works in the background as you surf the Web. You can quickly remember to save something while otherwise multitasking on the internet, keeping relevant decoration inspirations in one organized place. But the downside is that when you go to look at the pin board, everything you’ve had a passing interest in is there, waiting to overwhelm you. Perhaps 15 different light fixtures isn’t what you need when you’re focusing on an overall room design.

So “kill your darlings” by deleting pins that are incompatible with your planned decor. The first real step to decorating is removing options from a seemingly limitless sea. Make different boards for different rooms to keep focus. See a colour or a colour palette repeating? Take it as a note from your subconscious and start organizing the room plan around it.  If you really can’t manage to get rid of an idea *just in case,* save it in a different system (i.e. bookmarks) as backup.

2. Don’t craft unless there are good instructions behind the pin 

DIY and crafting is a great way to personalize the decor in your own home on the (relative) cheap. But it could get very messy (and possibly very expensive) if you dive into a Pinterest-inspired project with less than fantastic instructions.

Follow the link behind the pin and ask yourself three questions:

1.) Do you have relatively easy access to all the materials?
2.) Do you have general idea of what each material costs?
3.) Are the directions clearly laid out step-by-step?

3. Check your various fail sites

Yes, they mock, but check various social media sites like CraftFail,PinterestFail and Pinterest itself to make sure your favourite pin hasn’t received a “fail” rating of non-approval. These places especially show why a pretty decor photo might not work out in the execution. Also good for a laugh during moments of decorating and DIY stress.

4. Comparison shop

Buyer beware on pins that follow links to specific products you can buy. You’re seeing only one version of that item available on the internet or in stores. Shop around. And one-of-kind Etsy finds might not be as rare or artisan as they seem. Look around for similar, if not exactly the same, items and see if your pin is reasonably priced.

5. Don’t overdo it on Pinterest

It’s tempting to use your pinboard to bring your “perfect” room or house decor to life. But as you add items to your home, make sure that they actually fit with the rest of the decor and your clutter-preference level. Don’t make your house into its own pinboard.

By Taylor Kate Brown

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