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5 Ways to Help Your Vinyl Windows Last Longer

There are some homeowners and industry professionals who believe that windows don’t last as long as they used to. Perhaps there is some truth to that in the case of certain budget or builder-grade windows. However, for the most part, the perceived early deterioration of a window often comes down to lack of maintenance.

There are certain steps that can be taken to maintain the look and efficiency of your home’s windows. By simply caring for them, you can extend their lifecycles by years.

These days, the majority of Canadian homes are fitted with vinyl windows. To that end, the tasks listed in this article will speak to the care and maintenance of vinyl windows exclusively. Here are a few essential window care tasks that every homeowner should know about.

Open Your Windows

It’s seems almost silly to include this as a maintenance task, but the truth is that by simply opening your windows from time to time you can cut down on condensation. Under the right set of conditions, it’s possible for even the highest quality windows to experience condensation.


Ensure that your windows open smoothly at any age, by treating them to an application of lubricant. The window tracks, rollers and hardware can all benefit from a yearly treatment.

Keep Them Clean

While Vinyl windows are very low maintenance, it’s still a good practice to give them a good cleaning as needed. However, refrain from using any harsh cleaning solutions. Instead, use a mild solution of dish soap and water and a damp cloth to wipe any dirt from the vinyl frame.

Check the Caulking

The natural shifting and settling of a home can have a negative impact on your windows’ caulking. To prevent any window leakage due to dry, brittle caulk, take time to do an annual check. If the caulking seems to have dried out, be sure to replace it. Or, contact a professional to replace it for you.

Check the Weather Stripping

If you’re experiencing air leaks in the home, it might not be a sign that your entire window needs to be replaced. Instead, it could simply mean that you need to replace the weather stripping. Like caulking, your weather stripping can become damaged over time. If you suspect this to be the case, be sure to contact a local expert for help replacing it.


To learn more about the repair and replacement of your home’s vinyl windows, be sure to visit the listing of Door and Window experts here on

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