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5 Ways To Get A Stress-Free Lawn

Summer is for kicking back and having fun with friends and family, not spending valuable weekend hours fussing over the lawn.

Instead of weeding, mowing, watering, fertilizing and trimming the grass each week try these five tips for a low-cost, low-maintenance lawn that will give back that time usually spent on back-breaking work.

1. Mowing

Keep the grass height as high as possible for its variety. What that will do is produce a deeper root system than grass that is continually shaved short. If the root system is too short, the grass isn’t able to properly absorb water and nutrients — leaving it prone to drought damage. Shallower root systems also aren’t adequate enough to fight off weeds and other invasive plants. Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs recommends never mowing off more than one-third of a grass blade in a single mowing.

2. Clippings

Instead of bagging up the clippings and throwing them away, let them stay on the lawn where they were cut. Spread the cuttings out with a rake if they clump or are too heavy. Grass clippings hold nutrients and water. Not only that, but they also rapidly break down, which means you can save on fertilizer too.

3. Mowers

Make sure to get a mower that has the capacity and the power to cut the size of your lawn, and keep in mind its weight, safety features, ease of use and maneuverability when choosing a machine. Once the mower comes home, be sure to maintain it — including keeping the cutting blades sharp for a clean cut. If you plan to let the grass clipping stay on the lawn, considering getting a mulching lawn mower, which shreds the clipped grass into smaller pieces.

4. Plant landscaping

Create focal points in the lawn with flower beds, shrubs and trees. Not only do these provide visual interest, but they also cut down on the size of the lawn area and therefore slash the amount of time spent mowing and maintaining grass. For even easier gardening, choose flowers that are perennials that come back each year instead of annuals, which need to be replaced each year.

5. Water Wisely

When watering the lawn, use a drip hose to soak the water in to the roots and water in the mornings so it won’t evaporate in the strong sun. Grass needs watering when its blades start to fold inward and footprints are visible after someone has walked over the lawn.

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By Linda Doell

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