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4 Ways Wainscoting Adds Value to Your Home

When seeking affordable renovations to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining area or living room; wainscoting provides eye-catching results on a very tight budget.

And there are four good reasons why it’s a favourable approach to upgrade the value of your home:

1. Your home will look extremely elegant and expensive at an affordable price.

Sculpted wood walls create that ‘old-world heritage-home’ atmosphere that is considered a very sophisticated feature. The plainness of a small master bedroom transmutes into a cozy layout, with classical fixtures. And an awkwardly shaped den is gifted with chic ambience. There’s no other type of refacing this affordable, that can drastically change the value of a home.

Pre-made wainscoting kits come in many styles and colours. On the middle end of the pricing spectrum, 200 square feet of coverage, costs approximately $800.00 plus what you save on labour.

Just bring a picture of the room with its measurements to Home Depot and a professional will help you with the rest.

2.  Wainscoting adds so much charm to even the smallest homes that they become irresistible to home buyers. 

A house is not exclusively a financial investment. It’s also a home that buyers need to fall-head- over-heels in love with; before they commit to such a large investment. And this is where the ‘charmability factor’ plays an influential role.

Adding character to a house is not an easy objective to achieve. Even home stagers, who make a living at the art of charming up a place often find it difficult. Wainscoting makes home staging a breeze.

Just ask real-estate agents about what has made homeowners prefer one place over the other. There are ample stories about buyers who chose smaller homes over larger ones (for the same price) because the smaller ones were considered ‘so much more charming’.

3. Home flippers feel better when they invest less for a drastic change that promises more profit

Wainscoting infuses a jolt of personality into a lackluster space; without a lofty financial risk.

4. Wainscoting counts as both an exquisite home décor and renovation

Once a room is wainscoted, the area looks exceptionally elegant and appears 99% decorated. All that’s left, is to choose your: paint colours, accessories and window treatments; so you can create an architectural-digest-worthy space.

Why? Because it’s not the area rugs, furniture, wall colours and lighting fixtures; that make the room look better. It’s the wainscoting that makes your accent pieces and accessories pop out!

By Orly Leaman

How has wainscoting accentuated your accessories?

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