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6 Creative Uses for Bar Carts

Bar carts have been enjoying a renaissance in fashion-forward homes all across the country. Not only are they a gorgeous statement home decor piece on their own, but bar carts are the perfect  showcase for your beautiful decanters, eclectic glassware and fancy trinkets. Of course their usefulness doesn’t begin and end with happy hour. There is so much more you can do with your bar cart. Here are just a few of the other practical and practically ingenious uses for this versatile home decor accent.

Coffee Junkie

bar cart

Photo Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Do you have a loving relationship with your coffee, try using a bar cart for your coffee essentials instead. Place your coffee maker, favourite mugs, crafty creamers, sugar and/or spices, liquors and/or flavoured syrups on the cart and place it in a functional area next to a plug. Guests will love the set up and feel at home knowing they can brew themselves the perfect, hot cup of joe.

Arts and Crafts

bar cart

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

If you have a home filled with little ones, you may want to use a bar cart as a vessel to hold all the arts and crafts supplies that are lying around your house. Using the cart to store these supplies will also be an easy way to teach your kids to stay organized. When it’s playtime, your kids can easily and safely wheel the cart over to their favorite spot without a mass destruction of your home.

Guest Room Necessities

bar cart

Photo Source: A Beautiful Mess

Creating a cart that is filled with everything your guest room needs is a very inventive idea. Instead of puttering around your guest room updating it’s contents, keep everything on a cart and update and restore it when necessary. From towels, toiletries and snacks, a guest room cart is a great way to utilize a bar cart.

Lavatory Essentials

bar cart

Photo Source: Matouk

It may seem strange to have a cart in your washroom but if you have the space, fill the cart with bathroom essentials. From clean towels, toilet paper and everything in between, a cart in your bathroom is the perfect organization station.
Photo Source: Livinator

Bedside Basics

bar cart

Photo Source: Livinator

Redesign a bar cart into your new bedside table. Since the cart has wheels, you can move the cart closer to your bed or further away and it can hold all your bedside favourites. Stack up your most treasured novels, cozy mood lighting and a coaster for your morning coffee.

Baby Needs

bar cart

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Whether you’re going to be a new parent or just looking for some tips on how to de-clutter the space in your little one’s nursery, a cart filled with diapers, wipes, emergency onesies and soothers will make your life easier. Another major plus, is when you’re baby grows out of diapers; you can transform the baby cart into something else of your choosing.

As you can see, there’s numerous things you can do with a bar cart other than using it for a party or display your bar on wheels. With a little creativity you can transform any cart into something that works well for you and your changing lifestyle.

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