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6 Decor Features Every Chic Condo Needs

A lack of space, an awkward floor plan and not enough windows can certainly make condos quite hard to decorate. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up and live in a space that looks just okay. Instead, take a look at these chic décor features that will boost your condo’s style and functionality.

Huge bookshelves

If you want to best utilize all the space in your condo, bookshelves are your solution. For the best effect, reach all the way to the ceiling with a huge bookshelf that can store all your books, magazines, videos, travel souvenirs and other trinkets. For an extra touch of style and coolness, install a rolling ladder.

A stylish focal point

Every stylish space needs a focal point—a star of the show that all eyes rest on from the moment people walk into your condo. One of the easiest and most effective focal points is the furniture. So, find a piece of furniture that is attractive and big, yet comfortable and practical for seating. Big stylish lounges always leave a memorable first impression and their size and look simply beg people to dive into them and relax. Another furniture piece you can use as your focal point is a comfy chair. Get a model that looks stylish and comfortable, add a few soft pillows to it and voila! You have an attractive focal point.

A lifesaver breakfast bar

If you struggle with space in your condo, you can ditch the dining room and replace it with a cool breakfast bar. Even if you opt for a bigger model that can seat at least six people, you’ll still save a lot of space. Use the extra space to add some square footage to your living room or turn it into a home office. A handy breakfast bar can also provide you with additional storage and food prep space. It’s a win-win investment.


Original art

Art has always been a must-have element of every living space, so don’t leave your condo’s walls empty. Instead, visit your local art gallery and find a piece you really like. Getting an original piece is always a better option than investing in a reproduction because it adds more style and character to the space. And who knows, maybe your painting ends up costing a small fortune in a couple of years! Also, don’t hesitate to think big. One oversized canvas usually looks much more thought-out then having a collection of different smaller pieces scattered around your walls. Plus, it attracts more attention if you intend to use it as your focal point.

A cool mini bar

If you love to come home, play some chill music and relax with a glass of whiskey, then you must make a chic mini bar. No matter how tiny, it will be able to house all your favorite drinks and drink accessories and give your space an elegant and glamorous feel. You can go to a store and get a finished product or you can start a DIY project and turn your old dresser or vanity into your mini bar. Another cool option is to visit an antique store and opt for one of the vintage carts that can be moved depending on where you want to have your party.

 Oversized greenery

If you want to add interest and health to your condo, then opt for introducing some greenery to your space. You can go with some cute succulents, but for the biggest effect, choose something equally large. For instance, fill up that awkward and empty corner with a tall and slim snake plant. They have that desirable sculpture-like look and require very little attention (perfect for those who have never kept a plant before). However, if you want something even more chic and out of the ordinary, you can get topiaries and put one on each side of your fireplace or TV for a very symmetrical and modern look.

These simple, yet stylish décor ideas will not only turn your condo into a chic and elegant space, but they will also make it super functional and cozy. You’ll have the whole package!

Author: Chloe Taylor

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