6 Easy Fixes to Update Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a little lacklustre lately? Are you sick of the same ho-hum home? Use some of these easy fixes to update the look of your kitchen without going overboard on your budget.

1. Replacing hardware is a simple way to add character and refresh your kitchen.

Source out antique knobs and pulls in local classifieds, or find contemporary ones at your local home improvement store! This is one improvement for your cabinetry you’ll get to touch every day. If you feel like taking a risk, try a bold colour or oversized crystal hardware. Anthropologie has some great eclectic selections.

2. Replace your kitchen linens.

You know those ratty kitchen towels and oven mitts that you’ve had forever? They’re bringing down your whole style! While you’re at it, grab a variety of colours so you can rotate with the seasons (and laundry day). Proudly display your cutest pair of oven mitts by hanging them on your new cabinet hardware.

kitchen-linen-eieihomeImage Credit Dinner Series

3. Add valence lighting.

You’d be surprised what a little light can do. Wouldn’t it be great to have some mood lighting for your midnight snack or some extra lighting to finish off that perfect birthday cake? Search for reputable electricians at EiEiHome and research your under-counter lighting options.

Image Credit Sonja Lovas

4. Resurface and paint or stain your cabinets.

If your cabinet boxes and doors are in good shape but are somewhat outdated, you can easily sand and refinish them. If they are a natural wood, try a new stain colour. Modern, mahogany stains are gorgeous but a clear coat can bring out the natural beauty in the wood too. If the cabinet doors have seen better days, opt for paint. Refurbishing is friendly to the environment and your wallet.

Image Credit Susan Serra, CKD

5. Roll on a fresh coat of paint.

This goes for the whole house really. Grab a few samples and swipe them on one wall. Leave  them up for a few days to help you decide which colour is working with the space. Not sure where to start? Colour psychology plays a huge part in how a room is perceived.

6. Search EiEiHome for more design ideas on a budget.

We’ve got great decorating ideas and service pros to help! Read then and now stories on our blog and articles that highlight DIY and cost saving ideas for homeowners. Be sure to visit often or share your ideas and pictures at submitstory@EiEiHome.com.

What easy fixes are you planning to use for your kitchen update? Don’t keep them to yourself, let us know in the comments below!

By Shelley Kanitz

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