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6 Kitchen Organizers You Wont Know How You Lived Without

For many people, the biggest challenge to kitchen organization is having too many gadgets. Just like how tools and sporting goods tend to accumulate in the garage, the kitchen can get cluttered up with things you’ve picked up over the years. Here are six organizers that will help you bring order to your kitchen.

1. Toe-Kick Drawer
This low, wide drawer fits in the toe-kick space at the bottom of your cabinets. It’s perfect for long, flat items like baking racks and cookie sheets. You can get magnetic models you open or close with a gentle kick, or drawers fitted with a special handle to accommodate your foot.

2. Magnetic Strips
Hanging a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall lets you store metal objects that otherwise live in a drawer, or a canister on your counter. The strip helps you clear those spaces, giving you more room for storage. Knives and metal utensils are good options for magnetic strips, as are the metal caps of your spice jars.

3. Rolling Cabinet Shelves
Manufactured for easy retrofitting, these shelves turn the unused ceiling space of your cabinets into additional drawer space. If you install them in the bottom cabinets, you’ll never have to get down on your knees while you search around for a bowl or tool.

4. Magnetic Whiteboard
Available at office supply stores, whiteboards come with a pen clip and attach firmly to the face or side of your refrigerator. They’re handy for to-do lists, menu planning, grocery lists, recipe hints, and leaving messages for family members.

5. Arena Shelf
A call-back to the inset breadboard of earlier times, the arena shelf is a drawer that doubles as extra shelf space. It adds more preparation space to your kitchen while you’re working, then goes back under the counter when it’s no longer needed.

6.  Under-Cabinet Toaster/Toaster Oven/Microwave
Daily-use appliances that sit on your counter take up valuable kitchen real-estate. Daily-use appliances that live in a cupboard mean extra hassle every time you use them. You can do away with both those situations by taking advantage of these under-cabinet options that use vertical space, so you have both easy access and clear counters.

Good kitchen organization is largely a matter of keeping your counters clear, and subdividing your large storage areas. All of these organizers can help you reach those goals, as can things such as drawer separators, cup hooks, and wire shelf dividers.

By Jason Brick

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