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6 stunning perennials for your cottage garden

Did you know that you can take your love of cottage-inspired homes outside? That’s right, in addition to the cozy informality and nostalgic spirit that defines the cottage look indoors, there is casual sort of rusticity that is the hallmark of a cottage garden.

By definition, a cottage garden uses informal design, traditional materials and a tightly packed planting structure. The look is almost spontaneous, as if the garden had been planted by nature itself.  Best of all, cottage gardens make the perfect home for perennial plants. This is great news for those who like consistency in their gardening.

Here are 6 perennials that are perfect for the cottage garden

1.Campanula (aka Bellflower)

cottage perennials

These pretty, little easy-going perennials provide an easy way to cover anywhere from 6 to 36 inches of garden. Varieties are typically blue, white or pink. They are drought-tolerant and low maintenance.

2.Shasta Daisies

cottage perennials daisy

The ever-cheerful Shasta daisy is a welcome addition to almost any perennial garden, especially when it’s a cottage garden. They offer blooms in fall and summer and are drought-tolerant. Birds love these willowy white flowers just as much as people. So, if you’re hoping to attract some feathered friends to your cottage style garden, then Shasta daisy is a good addition.

3. Delphinium

cottage perennials delphinium

Add height to your garden with these towering beauties. Delphinium grows between 1 to 8 feet tall and has a foot print of up to 3 feet. Try planting these towering  blue, pink or white flowers toward the back of shorter plants to create a stunning backdrop.

4. Bigleaf Hydrangea

cottage perennials

As the hydra in its name suggests, the hydrangea can be one thirsty girl. However, if you have a nice, shady spot that can handle a shrub that can grown anywhere between 3 and 18 feet wide, then the hydrangea is an excellent choice for added drama. The big, fluffy flower heads can be pink, blue, white or even purple. However, take note that its primarily your soil’s chemistry that dictates the colour. This means that even though you’ve planted a hydrangea that’s supposed to be blue, you could end up with fluffy pink flowers instead. NOTE: Did we mention that hydrangeas need a lot of water?

5. Lavender

cottage perennials lavender

Lavender is a lovely double duty option. Not only does this pretty, drought-resistant perennial  herb add colour and fragrance to your cottage garden, but it can also be dried and used to fragrance your home or flavour your food.

6. Daylily

cottage perennials daylily

You wouldn’t think so from looking at them, but daylilies are actually extremely low maintenance.  Growing anywhere from 1 to 3 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall, they can provide a lot of impact for very little work.

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