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6 Trendy Upgrades for Small Condos

Although condos may be limited in size, they still bring a world of inspiring design options. With the right elements, you can turn your small condo into an open, positive and stylish space, elevating your home décor. Whether you want to introduce a specific interior style, create a Zen-inspired space or embrace glitz and glamour, certain elements are a constant when it comes to a trendy look. Thus, you should start with these chic upgrades that will give your tiny condo enticing appeal.

Improve your lighting

The versatility of lighting lies in its functional and aesthetic features that are bound to introduce a sense of novelty to your condo. With appropriate and stylish lighting, not only can you set the mood in your space, but you can also create an illusion of spaciousness, introduce a touch of drama and accentuate your home décor. Above all, it’s important that you introduce a layered lighting scheme, maximising natural light and installing general, task and accent lighting. Natural light will fill your space with an open, airy vibe and give it a positive flair, so you should consider installing skylights if possible. Switching to LED lights is also a great option that will not only reduce your energy consumption but also fill your space with a sunlight-like glow. As for the aesthetics of your lighting fixtures, chic lamps can be used as beautiful accent details while stunning pendants and chandeliers will dominate your rooms.

Introduce more storage

Having plenty of storage units in a small condo is a blessing. By installing more storage solutions, you’ll be able to create an open atmosphere free from clutter. Every item will have its place, enabling you to open up your condo. What’s even better is the infinite number of storage ideas that you can try. Built-in shelves are a space-saving option perfect for a small condo. Stylish floating shelves will help you use the empty wall space while hidden compartments in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom will both keep your space functional and help you maintain a clutter-free ambience.

Install ceiling fans

Not only can AC units take up some space in your small condo, but they also consume a lot of energy, leaving you with a big bill to pay. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, don’t take up any space while creating a comfortable atmosphere at a low price. However, keep in mind that electrical upgrades require professional experience, especially if you live in a condo with outdated installations. Thus, you should keep the contact information of a reliable emergency electrician within your reach. Apart from installing your ceiling fans, they can check whether there are any other issues that should be dealt with. Afterwards, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe environment in your condo.

Paint it appropriately

A colour scheme can make or break a small condo. The right choice of colours will help you create a bright, open atmosphere by reflecting light throughout your home. Soft, light shades are a perfect solution for creating an illusion of spaciousness in your flat. However, dark, bold tones can be also used daringly and authentically without creating an overbearing look. The key lies in creating a balance with softer shades used for flooring, ceilings or furniture, as well as ensuring that there is plenty of light.

Upgrade your hardware

Switching your old hardware is a simple and cost-effective update that can have a surprising effect in your small condo. If you go with glossy finishes, they can bounce off light throughout your home, making it seem brighter and more open. You can mix and match different metallics for a trendy look. From knobs and pulls to faucets and lamps, keep in mind that even simple changes can make a big difference, especially in a small condo.

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors, mirrors on the walls will do wonders in a small condo. Aside from elevating your home décor, especially if you go with beautiful, ornate frame designs, they can help you make your space seem bigger and more open. Not only will mirrors reflect light, but they can also visually expand your space. You can place them on your walls and doors, introduce freestanding ones or even use them unexpectedly on your pieces of furniture.

Don’t let the size of your condo limit your design options. Certain design tricks and elements can not only help you give your home a trendy appeal, but they can also completely transform your condo and make it seem more spacious.



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