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6 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom

The ultimate bathroom offers a mixture of comfort and storage space. Considering that many bathrooms tend to be on the small side, taking advantage of this room requires maximizing all of its key elements.

Consider the following six areas when you are planning your bathroom remodel.

1. Shelving

Install as much shelving as possible. If the room is small, you can avoid creating a closed-in feeling by adding eye-level shelves that are the same color as the walls and by making the depth of the shelves as narrow as possible. Position deeper shelves up high around the perimeter of the room.

Closed cabinet units placed over the toilet tank work well, as this tends to be unused space. In the shower or on the bathtub wall, install wire shelving to hold shampoos and soaps. Corner tile shelving units are also available and create a seamless look.

If wall space is currently limited, build recessed shelving. This can be created by using the space in the walls between the studs, as long as the walls are made of dry-wall.

2. Medicine Cabinet

Today’s medicine cabinets offer plenty of storage space and added features such as lock-boxes for safely storing prescription medications. Opt for a cabinet with shelves of varying heights, and optimize the available space by keeping the cabinet clear of unused items.

3. Bathtub vs. Shower

Bathtubs take up a lot of floor space. When a tub isn’t necessary, a corner shower unit will free up room. If you do want a tub, shave off space by opting for a model designed for tight applications, such as a corner tub or one that is less than 5 feet long. Some manufacturers offer custom jet tubs built to your specifications.

4. Sink

Rather than a freestanding sink, choose one that has a counter. Place the sink off-center within the counter to allow for more usable space on one side. Install a cabinet under the sink if it doesn’t include one, or use the space to house a movable storage unit.

5. Toilet

The closer a toilet is to a wall, the less space it uses. If you replace the toilet, choose a model that fits well with the overall design and scale of the room. Small bathrooms, for instance, often call for smaller toilets. Elongated toilet bowls are preferred over rounded bowls as they are more comfortable, but rounded bowls take up less space. However, compact elongated toilet bowls exist as well.

6. Accessories

Various easy-to-install additions to the bathroom create instant storage. Hooks and towel racks work well for towels and clothing, hanging blow dryer caddies free up counter and cabinet space, and there are mountable shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap dispensers.

Keep these tips for maximizing space in mind during your bathroom remodel, and you’re likely to create a bathroom that feels like a palace.

By Julie Bawden-Davis

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