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7 Creative Ways to Add Colour in the Kitchen

We spend so much time in our kitchens and with that, sometimes we can get bored of their appearance, but sprucing them up can make a huge difference. Whether you do a total revamp of the space or are just looking for quick fixes, adding colour to the kitchen can liven up the room and eliminate your boredom.


colour in the kitchen

Source: Ideal Home

Painting may seem like an obvious fix to adding colour to your kitchen but instead of painting the whole kitchen a new colour, consider doing a fresh coat of a neutral or existing colour and then add a splash of something bold to one wall. Pull inspiration from décor pieces already existing in the room.

Area Rugs

Adding an area rug underneath your kitchen table is another great way to add a pop of colour without doing anything too drastic. Again, pull inspiration from surrounding décor and find an area rug that would work perfectly in the space. The great thing about area rugs is they also add a level of warmth to any room.

Natural Colour

colour in the kitchen

Source: Buzzfeed

Do you have a white kitchen that you love and the idea of adding colour to the space doesn’t interest you? Instead of adding colourful tea towels or décor elements, add natural colour like a hanging plant or a pot of basil. There’s nothing that looks as fresh, fragrant and crisp than white with a pop of natural green. For a fun DIY project, research how to make your own miniature terrarium to sit on the counter or hang in the window.

Revamp Your Seats


colour in the kitchen

Source: Ideal Home

Reupholster or invest in new slip covers or cushions for the seating in your kitchen. This is an easy and effortless way to add colour without going overboard. Pick a pattern or colour that works in the space and go with it. The benefit of cushions or slipcovers is that you can switch it up from season to season or in a year or two to keep up with trends.

Dishes and Cookware

Colourful dishes and cookware are a fun way to add a vibrant and visual impact in your kitchen. If you’re a fan of your white dishes, consider investing in stylish cookware. A variety of companies have products with a retro, colourful vibe that will add an element of fun to every kitchen.


Light fixtures aren’t meant to blend in. If your kitchen is equipped with an island then consider using pendant lighting to hang above the area. You can find a variety of different light fixtures at any home décor and home hardware stores. Look online for inspiration and find a light fixture that will add pizazz to your kitchen.

Statement Backsplashes

Adding a backsplash for a small area, like a space behind the sink, is a creative way to form colour in your kitchen. Pick a backsplash with colour like blue or green or something else that matches another piece in the space. If you’re feeling bold and looking to fill more than just a small space, don’t let colour scare you, add the backsplash throughout the kitchen for a bigger punch.


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