7 Outdoor Holiday Decor Dont’s

Outdoor holiday decor is a definite do. But there are oh-so-many ways your display can take a turn for the worst. Keep your fun, festive holiday decorations from becoming the honorary neighborhood eyesore with our list of must-know don’ts. 

1. Don’t Have the Brightest Holiday Decorations on the Block

Lights are an outdoor holiday decorating go-to. But tricking out your home so it rivals the sun’s brightness is a major don’t. A great litmus test? If your neighbors put on their sunglasses when they pass your house at night, you’ve officially gone too far. If you do want to be the brightest house on the block then you should call in an electrician to ensure that your lights are installed properly.

2. Don’t Give the Neighbours a Seizure

Twinkling lights are a key component of holiday decorating. But hundreds of strands that twinkle at different rates are going to give your neighbors a seizure. Keep it simple. Pick lights that blink in time or create a lighting scheme that has a well-coordinated flow.

3. Don’t Use Music in Your Outdoor Holiday Decoration

You may be tempted to time your lights to twinkle to the tune of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,” or celebrate your display with an orchestrated version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” We’re here to tell you: Please don’t. Piping music outdoors — no matter how festive — is only destined to drive your neighbors crazy. Keep the holiday tunes reserved for inside the house only.


4. Don’t Get Over-sized Holiday Decorations

The life-sized manger scene? Those gigantic holiday bows? The enormous blow-up Santa? They’re all tacky. Skip the over-sized decor and opt for pieces that are more modest in size.

5. Don’t Mix Themes

The holiday season has a large cast of characters. They don’t all need to be on your front lawn. Pick one theme and stick to it. Because no matter how hard you try, rustic country Christmas and Toyland are two themes that don’t look good together.

Mixed outdoor holiday decorating
Photo: Joe Shlabotnik

6. Don’t Use Animatronics

It’s a hard truth to swallow, but animatronic outdoor holiday decor is best left at the amusement park. A Santa that waves and mini trains that travel around your yard, not only make noise, but they’ll cost you a ton of money to power up each evening. Not to mention that those grinning, lolling elves might make your kid cry.

7. Don’t Break the Bank

Be mindful of your budget. There’s no need to run yourself into debt over a holiday display. You’ll need some cash to take you into the New Year. You should also consider bringing in a handyman to do the work for you; you could end up saving money and preventing possible injury to yourself.

Have an outdoor holiday decor don’t? Let us know in the space below!

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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