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7 swoon-worthy screened porches

Summer is officially here, and we just can’t help but daydream about warm evenings spent sitting outside, with a cool drink and maybe even a good book. Unfortunately, the problem with this blissful scenario is that where we live, warm summer nights equal painful summer bites, as the mosquitoes ring their dinner bell the moment we emerge.

That’s why, when we dream about these languid summer nights, they often feature screened porches.  Just imagine enjoying all of the warm tranquility that comes with sitting outdoors in the evening, without the constant swatting, biting or the smell of bug spray in the air. Even the daytime nuisance of flies, wasps and midge swarms would be long forgotten.

Of course porching isn’t as much of a thing up here as it is down south, but many Canadians have installed sunrooms or are thinking about doing so. So if you’re looking to redecorate your three season room/porchy or would like to add one, here are 7 swoon-worthy porches to inspire you!

Our favourite screened porches found online

A Woodsy Retreat

This porch looks so inviting. We can definitely imagine stretching out on the couch with a good book … or maybe for a nap on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Flexible Functionality

We love the use of technology here. The screens are retractable, making it possible to turn pretty much any porch into a screened porch. Our porch dreams just might be able to become a reality after all!

Homegrown Perfection

There was absolutely no way that we were going to compile this list without mentioning this impeccable porch from Muskoka Living Interiors. The colours, the furniture, the views and that spectacular chandelier have all got our attention. Not to mention the view!

A Southern Tradition

The sleeping porch is fairly uncommon in Canada, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start a new summertime trend.

Perfectly Purple in PEI

Sorry about the alliteration, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Much like we couldn’t help staring at this dreamy PEI porch for far longer than we should have. We wanted to see if  there were any Canadian sleeping porches to be found, and lo and behold, we found one! We’re really starting to think that this whole bed on the porch thing just might be a really good idea … especially if it turns out like this beautiful space.

A Seaside Refuge

It’s not just the cute dog that has us loving this porch, but the amazing Maritime vibe. Love the cedar shakes and the fishing net. Those blue cushions are positively energizing … and let’s be honest, that dog really is adorable!

A Causal Family Space

We love how authentic this space feels. It’s causal and cozy

screened porches


Feature Image Courtesy of Phantom Screens

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