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7 uses for your spare room

Have a spare room and aren’t sure what to do with it? Maybe you’re an empty-nester, or you’ve purchased a home that your family hasn’t quite grown into. Or perhaps your lifestyle makes the formal dining room or living room that came with your house unnecessary. No matter what the reason for your home’s spare room, there’s no reason to leave it empty or undefined.

So if you don’t eat in the formal dining room, but you want a main floor space where your kids can play, there’s no reason why you can’t turn the unused space into a play place.

Consider your home’s resale value first

Cosmetic changes are one thing, but major renovations are another entirely. Prior to contacting your local contractor, take a moment to consider your home’s resale value following any major restructuring projects.

If your changes involve building walls or tearing walls down, they could have a negative impact on your home’s resale value. For example, if you decide to take the wall down between two bedrooms to create a luxurious master suite, you may not be able to sell your home for as much with one less bedroom, regardless of the master suite’s new square footage.

Similarly, if you build a wall between your living room and dining room in order to increase the size of your kitchen, when it’s time to sell you could turn off potential buyers who won’t look twice at a home without a formal dining room.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make those changes in your home. It’s simply a matter of considering it before you act.

Your spare room’s potential

Here are a few ways that unused space can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

Guest Room

The most obvious use for a spare bedroom is to turn it into a guest room. If you tend to have friends or family who stop by for short or extended stays, then it absolutely makes sense for you to dedicate a spare space to accommodating them.

Make up a comfortable-looking bed, add storage space for their clothes, and little touches like a basket of toiletries and goodies, along with some signage displaying important information, like your wifi password and the location of the spare towels and extra toilet paper.

Media Room

spare room

Source: Home Bunch

An extra bedroom, disused dining room or a spot in your basement makes a great media room. Dress it up with your most comfortable seating and ensure that it’s wired for maximum sound. Don’t forget the big screen (as if you would have).

If you like to snack while watching your favourite movie or the big game, try adding a snack station and a small bar fridge to the space.

There are lots of great décor ideas to be found online. The most obvious might be to adorn your walls with your favourite movie posters or décor items paying homage to your favourite team.

Home Office

spare room

Source: Decor Pad

Another classic use for a spare room is to turn the room into a home office. Not much explanation needed here. Simply design a space that inspires productivity and makes you happy. Adding a coffee maker or drink cart to your space can accommodate any visiting clients, if necessary, and you might enjoy the convenience as well.

Craft Room

Now we’re getting into dream home territory. If you happen to enjoy any type of artsy crafty goodness, whether in the form of scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, panting, or sculpting, then chances are you’ve often dreamt of having a room dedicated solely to indulging in that craft.

Practically any space will serve this purpose. However, for messier crafts, like painting or sculpting, you’re going to want to ensure that the room isn’t carpeted, is well ventilated and that you have easy access to a sink for washing up.

Game Room

If you think that your cherished pool table absolutely has to live in the basement, think again. We’ve seen plenty of dining rooms that have than beautifully transformed into stylish and very sophisticated games rooms. Rich wood, warm neutrals and good quality games tables can look just as classy as any dining room table. In fact, there are even pool tables that come with a top that allows them to be used as dining room tables when the occasion calls for it.

Walk-in Closet/Dressing Room

spare room

Source: Domino

You can make this spare room conversion one of two ways. You can either contact a local custom closet or cabinet specialist to have a disused bedroom completely converted into the walk-in closet/dressing room of your dreams, or you can fill the room with wardrobe systems and rolling racks for a less permanent transformation. Either way, it sounds fabulous and should probably involve some sort of chaise lounge and perhaps a ridiculously over the top chandelier … or not.



Looking for a better use of your home’s formal living room? You can still have a room that’s fit for company (if people still use the living room in that way), while also making it practical for everyday use by turning it into the family library/study. Add some built-ins and fill them with actual paper books. Then, adorn with comfortable, yet company-worthy seating and good lighting. A well-placed desk and some art will tie it all together.

No matter how you plan to use your spare room, if the conversion requires any structural changes or built-ins, you’re going to need the services of a reputable, local contractor. As with any home renovation project, be sure to do your researching for hiring a pro to help you. Browse the listings here on, visit the contractor’s websites, read reviews and try to get quotes from at least three different contractors before making your decision.

Remember, a little homework up front can save a lot of disappointment in the end!

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