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8 Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

There’s something idyllic and charming about small spaces. They feel warm and cozy and very well put together. But there are instances when you feel like walls are closing in, as if you are trapped between tight walls and you can’t get out.

That feeling of claustrophobia is often (and quite unfairly) associated with condominiums. Maximizing condo spaces has become rather common at a time when vertical developments are leading the way in the real estate and property sectors. They promise convenience and world-class living condominiums. And while they deliver in those departments, square footage remains to be the most popular contention. This is why space saving designs have been gaining ground in the interior design industry. Condo dwellers have been looking for hacks on maximizing spaces so that their condos reflect their personality without looking cramped and feeling claustrophobic.

Here are space design ideas that are guaranteed to transform your unit into the dream space that you want.

Clear off surfaces

 small spaces

 Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Miller via Flickr


Wall decals, portraits, and shelves are nice to look at. They also give the space character. But too much of the good thing could be bad. If you are trying to make your space look bigger and less cluttered, you must carefully choose the vignettes and display that will deserve a spot on your wall. You might want to pass on oversized art and wall collages as they can feel too imposing. Choose ones that look and feel good so the space doesn’t feel empty.

Be very circumspect about these things and don’t let too much emotion get in the way. While you may want to display all the artworks of your kid, a box for sentimental projects may be the way to go. Don’t fill every inch.

Keep window treatments simple

 small spaces

 Photo courtesy of Flickr

 Curtains and shades can make a place more dramatic. But when you are dealing with small spaces and working on achieving a less claustrophobic condo look, keep the treatments simple. Choose sheer and lightweight curtains with muted patterns add airiness to the space. Curtains in bold colors and large prints crowd a room and make it look smaller.

Hang curtains close to the ceiling instead of the window frame to draw the eyes upward and create an illusion of height. Use adjustable and long rods to give the impression of space. This allows you to frame the window when you open the drapes completely.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

small spaces


Photo courtesy of west elm UK via Pinterest

Yes, this may sound cliché, but only because it is true. Interior design ideas for small spaces are never complete without a mirror on the wall. Mirrors can create the illusion of space and cuts down the claustrophobic feeling by making the walls softer and not too solid. Mirrors also help with lighting, making the room feel brighter and airy. Not to mention adding points to aesthetics.

 Create seamlessness with color

 small spaces

 Photo courtesy of Ryan McKibbin via Flickr

 One way to live large in a condo unit is by achieving seamlessness. It is good that most condos subscribe to open plan layouts, making seamlessness more viable by giving you absolute control on how you want to design your space. Create a seamless transition by utilizing a unifying element such as color. You may also camouflage pieces of furniture. Painting furniture the same color as your wall takes away their visual weight and make them less imposing.

 Move it back and push to the side

 small spaces


Photo courtesy of home deco via Pinterest

 In maximizing condo space, where you put your bulky furniture and appliances is crucial. First of all, keep your furniture compact and forget bulky ones. Secondly, opt for multipurpose furniture.

Push them to the side to free up floor space. Move your biggest furniture away from the entrance and farthest from the door, so much so that you won’t feel like the pieces are ganging up on you. But be careful to visually balance out the space. Don’t put together multiple bulky furniture in one space.

Replace doors with sliding, glass walls

 small spaces


Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

For small one bedroom condos, you can try replacing the door leading to the bedroom with a sliding one or glass walls. Glass can separate spaces without visually dividing them. They also create seamlessness and make a space look more airy. For studio units, glass is also a good material to create zones while maintaining the openness of the space.


Discover unexpected storage

 small spaces


Photo courtesy of Idea Room via Pinterest

The back of your kitchen cabinet door can be used to hang covers of pots and other cookware. The space under the loft can be transformed into a secondary working space. The space under your bed can be used to store blankets and sheets or shoes. The space above your door can be a book shelf.

Discover unexpected storage around the house so that every square foot can be utilized. Think vertical whenever you can so that you can draw attention to the ceiling and not on floor space, creating the illusion of height.

Control and customize

 small spaces


Photo courtesy of Wicker Paradise via Flickr

 If you want interior design to work for you, make sure you have control of your space. Do not settle for a piece of furniture that fits your style but doesn’t really conform to the size. You need to have a plan on how you want your space to look and feel (i.e. airy and spacious) and customize as necessary. DIY projects can help. When it comes to a dream home, no single size (or style) fits all. So take control and work with those tools if you can.


And of course, always keep your space clean. There is nothing that can make a space look cramped and feel claustrophobic than unnecessary clutter.

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