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A Summer Garden Without Pests

It’s become a hot pot this summer, hasn’t it? Gritting the driveway, putting on an extra layer or two of clothing and bringing a flask of something warm with us to work can all be put aside for the next now, as summer is definitely here! Now that the days are long and bright, we should surely make the most of them, but how?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to keep your garden in peak summer shape and to keep pests such as ants, slugs and wasps at bay;

Keep your garden tidy

Pests, particularly slugs and snails, love a messy garden. They can hide more easily and, if you’re growing vegetables, once winter is over, they will seize the opportunity to get at the first green shoots they see. When the weather’s fine, mow your lawn and tend to your flowerbeds, removing any clutter you can such as stray bark.

Create a pond

As well as providing a great focal point for your garden, as a means of deterring pests, it could be really valuable. I installed a pond in my garden a few years back, and some of the pond life such as frogs and fish feasted on the slugs, snails and flies which had previously plagued my back yard. They’ll do the same in your garden, as will a duck if your pond is big enough to accommodate one.

Welcome hedgehogs to your garden

During late spring, allowing a couple of hedgehogs into your garden might seem like a recipe for disaster, but from my experience, they’re actually great to have roaming around. They often live on troublesome insects and molluscs, which is handy when they’re becoming a bit too much for you!

Wipe out those weeds

Pests don’t just come in the form of insects and molluscs. When the weather begins to get a little warmer, it’s likely that a few weeds could pop up through the soil. As I know all too well from my gardening misadventures, weeds can be a nightmare to cope with – they take up space that should be reserved for the plants, destroy the look of the garden and never seem to go away.

Something I learned about weeds was that the best way to deal with them was to get at them early. As soon as they begin to appear, try and get rid of them by pruning or removing them entirely. The earlier you do this, the better for the plants you want to see growing throughout the summer months. Getting it out of the way will leave you more time to plant what you like later on too.

By Brittany Moodie

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