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Add a Little Super Hero Flair to Your Kitchen

Pair a kitchen faucet with your favourite Avenger!

 Like the Avengers, when you need it, it is there.

Protecting your hands from germs and bacteria, defeating thirst with every gulp, safeguarding one of the most essential elements of life. So maybe your faucet doesn’t wear a cape, wield a shield or grow green and gigantic when angered. But your faucet does share attributes with the famous superhero team that is hitting movie screens later this month.

“Just like the Avengers, each member of the Pfister family of faucets brings its own attributes and strengths,” says Barry Moulsdale, the Plumbing Business Leader for Spectrum Brands Inc.

  • Iron Man — In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark is a renowned inventor, and he is constantly tinkering with his powered suits, developing different gadgets and finishes with each new incarnation. Just like the Stellan pull-down faucet with React Touch-Free technology. It boasts the latest innovations and comes in a variety of finishes, just like Iron Man’s suits.
  • Captain America — A super soldier from the Second World War, Captain America retains his classic values in the modern world. The updated traditional look of the Briarsfield family of faucets also sports a vintage look without sacrificing performance.
  • Spider-Man — One of the most powerful Marvel heroes, Spider-Man has a range of powers including super strength, a “spidey” sense and the ability to climb walls. The all-new Deckard family of bathroom faucets and fixtures have a modern aesthetic that evoke the office buildings of New York City where Spider-Man is most often seen slinging his webs. What’s more, the bathtub faucet and showerhead perch cheekily on the wall, just like the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.
  • Black Widow — There is more to Natasha Romanoff than meets the eye. Behind the façade of a ballerina is a world-class athlete and martial arts master trained as a master spy. With matte-black finish, curved aesthetic and beautiful lines, the Kai pull-down faucet evokes images of the super spy.
  • The Hulk — Massive, bulky and possessing immense strength, The Hulk is the alter ego of brilliant scientist Dr. Bruce Banner. Like this dual personality, the Breckenridge faucet boasts a strong, industrial look with a two-tone stainless steel and pewter finish.

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