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Add a Garage Door Tune-up to your “TO DO” List

One of the most overlooked items is the garage door.  In a recent study, 50% of respondents stated they have never maintained their door. Like every other mechanical device – your garage door needs to be maintained.  Just as it’s common to have your furnace checked annually, it’s wise to have your door checked by a qualified technician.

The experts at The Garage Door Depot remind homeowners to use caution when working on or near garage doors. Ensure that children understand that garage doors and openers are not toys. eieihome spoke to Diana Sargant Gibson of The Garage Door Depot about how  homeowners can avoid expensive repairs by performing an annual inspection & tune up of their garage door by following these simple steps:

1. Clean the outside of the door with a detergent, sponge and water. Rinse with a garden hose.

2. Check for broken rollers, frayed cables and rusted bottom brackets and replace as necessary.

3. Use a socket wrench to retighten any loose nuts or bolts on the tracks or hinges. Any bolts or nuts that are red or have warning tags should not be tightened or loosened. Only a garage door technician should adjust them.

4. Check the door’s balance, with door in closed position, disengage the opener by pulling the release cord and raise the door to waist level and then let it go carefully. If it lowers or rises, it is out of balance and needs maintenance.

5. Check your electric opener safety reverse.  With the door open, lay a piece of 2 x 4 on the floor in the center of the opening. Push the wall button to close the door. When the door strikes the wood, it should reverse. If the door does not reverse, it should be serviced.

6.  With the door in closed position, clean photo eyes with a soft, dry cloth. Gently adjust photo eyes if they are out of alignment. With the door open, push wall button to close door. Wave a long object, such as a broomstick, in front of one of the photo eyes so it “breaks the beam.” If the door does not reverse, it should be serviced immediately.

7. Lubricate all moving parts with white lithium grease lubricant spray, never use grease.

With proper maintenance, your garage door will serve you faithfully for years to come.  The Garage Door Depot provides friendly professional advice and their skilled technicians are ready to service your garage door needs.

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