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Adding décor to an open concept living space

Open concept living spaces have literally allowed the walls to come down in Canadian homes. The family cook has been freed from the confines of the kitchen, and dinner guests can now enjoy a more inviting social space.

Coinciding with this change is the way in which these spaces are furnished and decorated. eieihome spoke with Steve Forberg, CEO of Toronto furniture store, Decorium, to learn more about how to best decorate an open concept living space.

Decorium open conceptColour and Style

“When the space is an open concept, it is always best to have some continuity with the colour scheme and product style too”, says Forberg. “Creating a soothing, tonal palette amongst the rooms will allow for the space to look more cohesive”.

To differentiate between the areas in the open space, Forberg suggests the addition of accents such as area rugs, room dividers and artwork to add definition to each room.

Furniture Size

Another factor to consider in an open concept space is décor size. “Sizing of furniture is critical when setting up any space; even more so with an open concept,” Forberg says.

He then lists the following as the most important items to consider:

  • Dining chair heights
  • Area rug sizes
  • Dining table size
  • Sofa in living room size
  • Artwork sizing.


Decorium open concept 4Decorium open concept 5

Of course, open concept solutions are not limited to large homes, and Toronto-based Decorium excels at providing beautiful, small space solutions, as well as décor solutions for larger homes.

“[With] smaller spaces, you need to be cognizant of colours,” Forberg says. “Darker shades, for example, tend to make a small space feel heavier and fuller. [Conversely], the use of lighter colours, [such as] glass dining table tops and coffee table tops allows for [an airier] living space.

small space solution DecoriumSpace Planning

An excellent way to plan out an open concept or other space is to use the Room Planner featured on Decorium’s

website. “It is a good way for people to play around with ideas and options,” Foberg says.

In addition to their online Room Planner, Decorium also offers complimentary in-home and in-store design services. “We do all the space planning, colour coordination, and scale of furniture for our clients,” he says. “We take all the guess work away for the client by showing them exactly what the room looks like.”

Decorium offers furniture and décor items in styles ranging from classic to modern, traditional, urban chic, and country all under one roof!

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