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The Return of the Edison Bulb

If you obsess about home décor as much as we do, then you’ve noticed an interesting trend in lighting fixtures. We’re not talking about the look of the fixtures themselves, but rather the light bulbs being used to give them life. Despite the fact that energy efficiency is a high priority in many households, home décor trends would lead us to believe that energy-saving bulbs are being eschewed for the classic Edison bulb. In fact, not only are they being used, but featured in lighting fixtures that don’t shade, but rather show them off.

Here is a look at some lighting fixtures that showcase the Edison Bulb

Grouped Pendants

edison bulb

Source: Huffington Post

An ultra rustic look featuring a rough hewn wood beam and a grouping of bare bulb pendants. Designed by Scottsdale Architects & Designers Tate Studio Architects.

Under Glass

edison bulb

Source: HGTV

Of course, we can’t talk about rustic décor lighting trends without mentioning HGTV’s beloved home reno super couple —Chip and Joanna Gains. No, they didn’t start this lighting trend; however, they’ve definitely shone a light on it for the average homeowner …you see what we did there? J

Caged Heat

edison bulb

Source: ID Lights

This rustic barn pulley cage light with Edison bulb is like the perfect storm of Pinteresting, rustic home lighting fixtures.

So Watts the Big Deal About Incandescent Light?

Like other incandescent bulbs, 90% of the power these classic, clear glass Edison bulbs with glowing, amber filaments use up is actually delivered as heat and not light. This makes them decidedly less efficient than CFLs and LED bulbs.

One reason for the backtrack to incandescent Edison bulbs is because so many people dislike the light produced by CFL bulbs. Another, is due to the popularity of rustic, cottage and farmhouse interior design style –all of which tend to feature bare bulb looks in their lighting schemes.

 The Light at the End of This Tunnel

edison bulb


The good news is that Canadians can now enjoy the aesthetics of Edison light bulbs as well as energy efficiency, thanks to the emergence of Edison bulbs with LED filaments. You may find that the glow isn’t quite as amber as the traditional incandescent version, but it is very close.

So now, you can enjoy your vintage reproduction farmhouse cage pendant light and save on energy at the same time. Brilliant!


edison bulb

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