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Keeping your air conditioner in working order

During the winter and summer months, a well-functioning heating and cooling unit can provide you with unparalleled comfort. This comfort can easily dissipate once your unit stops working, and for many people, professional assistance will be required. Many simpler issues can usually be remedied by tampering with your unit, but more profound issues will confuse non-professionals.

Before your consult some to repair your unit, here are some of the most common problems that homeowners face in regards to their air-conditioning unit.

Refrigerant issues

As time progresses, many homeowners begin to notice that their unit no longer blows out cold air. This can be an unwanted discovery during the blistering heat of summer, and many people cannot seem to pinpoint the source of the problem. This issue is often caused by issues with your unit’s refrigerant, the chemical that helps cool the air. There may be a leak inside the unit that is causing the refrigerant to leak out, or the liquid may need to be “recharged” entirely. If this happens to your unit, you will need to hire a professional to locate the leak and repair it using special equipment.

Clogged condenser

Your unit’s condenser transforms warm gas into liquid form. If your condenser is broken or does not function properly, then the unit will lose its ability to produce cool air. For the majority of property owners, the condenser is located outside. This means that it is susceptible to damage from rocks, dirt, and other debris that is present in the environment. For some, it may be tempting to open the unit yourself and remove the debris from the unit. This is extremely unwise, and if you do not understand the inner workings of your condenser, you can cause permanent damage.

Dirty filters

Another common issue stems from a relatively basic problem. If your air-conditioner turns on and off, without producing cool air, you may need to have the filter changed. Dirty filters can block airflow and prevent your unit from cooling properly. When this happens, water and moisture can also accumulate inside of your unit’s tank. If you are unfamiliar with your tank’s location, it is best to contact a professional to empty the water for you.

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The importance of routine maintenance

A/C units have a multitude of parts that can be easily damaged if they are handled improperly. For this reason, it is best to consult a professional A/C repair company whenever you experience an issue. Your chances of encountering a serious problem can be drastically reduced with routine maintenance and inspections. These services are usually very affordable, and your unit will receive the comprehensive maintenance and attention that it needs. After the process is over, the repair company will alert you to any potential hazards that you may be facing.

Consult a reliable company

Whether your unit needs to be repaired, or fully replaced, ABC Cooling and Heating will be glad to assist you. The summer months can be difficult to weather when your unit malfunctions or ceases to work, but with professional help, you will never have to worry about this. By working with an established company and scheduling regular maintenance, your unit will serve you and your family for years to come.

Alternatively, you can use the directory to find a home service professional that can service your heating and air conditioner. These experts have profiles on our website that feature customer reviews, image galleries and videos! Take a look and make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a heating and air conditioning professional.

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