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Alternatives to Traditional Gardening

The snow is melting (or gone if you’re lucky) and the air is warming steadily every day. That means many things in Canada. The end of bundling up, the return of patio season, and the time when some of us begin to think about this year’s garden.

The majority of Canada’s gardeners plant directly into the ground. However, reduced yard space, accessibility issue, and simple preferences have led to a whole host of alternatives to traditional gardening.

Here are some of the most popular alternative gardening options:

Raised Gardens

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This style of garden depends upon a created gardening environment, either a bed that sites directly on the ground or an elevated table. This style of garden is an excellent way to ensure the health of your soil and the elevated position can make it easier for individuals who have trouble kneeling all the way down.

            – Garden Beds

            Raised garden beds are created directly on the ground. They can be purchased as kits or built from scratch. These beds are typically created with wood, bricks, or galvanized steel.

            – Garden Tables

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Table style raised gardens are an excellent choice for many different reasons. The convenient height makes them excellent for individuals accessibility issues. In fact, some of these raised gardens have been specifically created for wheelchair accessibility.

Container Gardening

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If you have limited space in your yard or even no yard at all, then container gardening is going to be your best choice. As the name suggests, this method simply involves planting your garden in a collection of vessels. Pots, wood planters, buckets, metal tubs, etc. This method not only works for flowers, but several varieties of fruits and vegetables can be successfully grown in containers as well. Herbs, lettuce, kale, and tomatoes are among the most popular. Some people even have luck growing berry bushes in containers.


Vertical Gardens


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Vertical gardens minimize the required square footage by taking your garden up rather than out. That said, there isn’t a single method for achieving this. Some gardeners use a trellis system, while others opt for stacked beds, shelf systems, fence-mounted vessels, and other methods.


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