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Are Canadian Homes Made to Withstand Tornadoes?

Chances are, when you think about tornadoes, you picture the United States. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“We tend to know a lot about tornadoes in the United States and what areas are more prone to them but, when it comes to tornadoes in Canada, the knowledge isn’t as widespread.” (The Weather Network)

According to Environment Canada research, Canada experiences an average of 60 tornado each year, with Saskatchewan experiencing the highest number of occurrences, closely followed by Alberta and Ontario. So, while it may seem like Canada is seeing more tornadoes than usual, what we are actually seeing is the norm. The difference actually lies in the widerspread use of social media, which allows for more coverage of tornado occurrences.


Building For Tornado Resistance

With tornadoes being a concern for a large portion of Canada’s population, it bags the question of whether or not our homes have been built with any sort of tornado resistance in mind. Homes built in provinces impacted by hurricanes should take into consideration a need for structures that are better able to withstand the force of tornados and strong winds. This means the use of concrete block, opting for hip roofs rather than gabled roof designs, and potentially  choosing a steel roof over traditional asphalt.

Tornado Home Safety

If a tornado warning is issued for your local area, you’ll want to get down into the lowest area of your home, and keep windows closed! Despite what many people previously believed, it’s actually best to ensure that windows, doors, and garage doors are kept closed during a tornado. This is because if tornado wind gets inside it can lead to increased internal pressure and greater damage.

Have Your Say wants to know what you think about tornado readiness in Canada. Do you think that most Canadians are aware that tornadoes are a concern here, and if so, are they prepared? Visit us on Facebook and let us know what you think.

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